The Most Important To-Do List

It took two kids, over five years, one dog, and many tears to realize I hadn't made a to-do list that I could get done in one day. Each of my harried, hurried attempts between the early (or not-so-early) morning hours and when I tiptoed around the house, the last one awake and busily tidying up and prepping for the next day, I couldn't seem to cram all of what I needed to into my waking hours. 

Sound familiar? 

The Leaf, Weight Loss, and Progress

"Many leaves, one tree!" My little son used to wildly shout this out as he brandished his little toy sword. It's a line from what used to be his favorite movie, Epic. Well, it's got me thinking a lot during my Nutrisystem journey! And though it's a little silly, it's pretty true!

GrubMarket - Fresh, Convenient, Delivered! [review]

It's hard to get fresh produce in the northern climes in the dead of winter. Harder still? Getting fresh organic produce in the dead of winter in the Midwest. Delivered. Yeah. I've found it!

My Nutrisystem Update - Week 3

It's been THREE WEEKS already! How did that go by fast!? It feels like I've been doing this for a while now -- in some ways, it feels like I've picked up right where I left off last time I was on Nutrisystem! For those that are "app people" -- NuMi is a great resource for all of that tracking! I'm more of an "oldschool" person, preferring the pencil and paper method!

What I Found at Walmart - A Step in the Right Direction!

Recently I was bummed that in order to satisfy the needs (and cravings) of my entire family, I needed to go to EVERY one of the four grocery/big box stores in town just to make it happen. Now I'm not saying that everytime someone wants XYZ brand of potato chips or even toilet paper that I will oblige and go out of my way to get it. But, somethings are non-negotiable. On a recent trip to Walmart, I was happily surprised by the selection I found of one of my favorite brands -- one that the WHOLE family loves!

Lea Clark: Girl of the Year™ by American Girl®

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Now to tell you about the prize that I'm hosting with one of the most exciting sponsors to date...wait for it...

Diets, Exercise, and Other Malarkey! What Works and What Doesn't

Since thoughts of self-improvement herald the coming of a new year, I thought I'd take a moment and reflect on what has worked and what has definitely NOT worked for me in the world of diet and exercise, to which I am no stranger.


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