Yummy Mitt by Darlyng & Co. [review]

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt
Everyone dreads the teething stage that our children (and everyone) must endure. It's a rite of passage, true, but just because everyone has to go through it, doesn't mean that we should have to suffer through it! Many generations of moms and caregivers have tried everything from Whiskey -- not recommended, though I've never tried it...to over the counter baby aisle cures and remedies to an array of soothers and chewies. Well, we figured we'd tried it all--until we were approached by Darlyng and Co. to try out the Yummy Mitt. It was something I'd never heard of and being like George, always curious, I of course said yes!


Love the colors.

My baby actually liked it...unlike some teethers that strangely just attract cat hair in the basket of toys in the corner!

I adore the "Less crabby, more happy!" slogun and crab cartoon. I'm a sucker for crabs!

Easy-to-use, easy to put on.

Takes to water/washing well. Doubles as a bath toy! My kiddo loved chewing/sucking on it in the tub.

Made with materials that are food grade.

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt

Becomes "too small" before teething is over. I had ginormous babies and so they have big paws at a young age. Think - boxer pup - so, the mitt fit from about five months to around nine months. The first teeth popped at seven months, so it served him well for the worst of it!

Cost - Though it's neat, I personally could get by without it for the $20 sticker price -- the mitt is well-made and seems to be pretty good quality, however, I tend to be of the "less is more" school of thought, and would likely just give my son a cool, wet washcloth to chew on. That said, since it's more of a "splurge" item, it would make a FANTASTIC shower gift!

Bottomline? When you're child is in pain, and you're going out of your mind, thinking that your ear drums might actually be on strike after months of wailing and your heart is hurting for the little one...you'll be willing to try whatever it takes. Usually, time is the only sure-fire cure, BUT in the until then, I know we have tried it all! Except whiskey. :)

Disclosure: I was afforded a complimentary mitt to try out with my baby. All opinions are my own.

These Will Melt Your Heart - If You Can Stand The Opening Joke!

We've been learning Knock, Knock Jokes in our house lately. It's what you do when you have a four year old. So, we invented this one to greet my husband after his long day at work after our courier came and delivered us a fun little package.

Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow. 

I know, I know...You KNOW this old chestnut! Humor me, though!

[Begrudgingly]...Interrupting Cow, who?

Moooooooo!!! Fruit Snacks!!! Cow Fruit Snacks!! Mooooooo!!

I then gave him an entire box of fruit snacks for his very own to take to work and hide in a drawer for those afternoon pick-me-ups!

You want to know the REALLY crazy thing about these? They are GROWN UP favorites! My son (who is addicted to sugar) but usually won't do much that says Organic (even though he cannot read yet, he senses these things, I swear!) He likes them. BUT, me and my husband love them. We actually had to limit our intake when we saw after the first day that there was an entire box in the trash by suppertime!!

To be fair they have a different consistency -- but that's what appeals to the grown ups I believe. They aren't like chewing on bath beads or plastic. They taste REAL! And how can you not just melt when you see the little cows? I love cows! These are what we will be investing in for Halloween this year, to Moooooove others to snack a little healthier!

Disclosure: We are Stonyfield YoGetters. We received samples for the purposes of this post. We received no other compensation for this post specifically. All opinions are our own.

SmartiPants One-Size Cloth Diaper [Review]

Smartipants are fantastic. That about sums it up. End of review.

Just kidding! (About the end, anyway!) They are fantastic though.

We tried a one-size cloth diaper just in time for the 4th of July (to celebrate the fact that Smartipants are made in the USA!) And, because I've been absolutely zombie-brained for about nine months (coincidence???) I forgot to hit "publish!" So, only two months too late, you are getting this update on Smartipants, my support of all things USA-crafted, and, well, a great idea for a cloth diaper to gift to a new mama, a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time mama, or just a friend that is hopefully waiting for that first babe to diaper. It's never a bad time to buy a Smartipants diaper!


I really appreciate the simplicity of the diaper. The pull-through sleeve style pocket is a favorite of mine. There is just enough room to hold the green-trimmed microfiber insert in place but not enough to let it shift and bunch up. (It saves me so much time in laundry to have unique inserts to pair with diapers! That trim is fantastic -- BUT if all companies did this, it would be tough again... So, I know my Smartipants, and that rocks. I also appreciate when diapering companies attach a label to their inserts if they aren't going to distinguish in some way like Smartipants does.

The inner fleece (there are a few different kinds of fleece and some are superior to others) is the kind I like. It feels different than a fleece top or blanket -- it's a suedecloth that rocks. It pretty much lets the poo just roll off into the toilet.

The diaper isn't "bunchy" with tight leg elastics -- it lies flat on the floor for easy stuffing and easy-on the baby too! This is a main reason that I love this particular diaper. It's also not a diaper that has "wet spots" along the leg elastic area. Some brands, no matter how you prep or strip or what detergent is used, in my experience ALWAYS have a little leakage around the legs. Smartipants do not!

Fairly economical, one single diaper costs about $14.95. Not the cheapest on the market, BUT again, in my opinion if you can afford the up-front cost of spending the extra $6-$7 to avoid the "Chinese cheapies" it's well worth it in the long run.


It's not an overnight diaper. I haven't tried a doubler--I just make these my "daytime" diapers. They do a great job for many hours, BUT I wouldn't do any synthetic overnight--I reserve that for wool.

There is a greater start-up cost to this brand BUT not as much as other popular mainstream brands AND they are far superior to the cheaper outsourced varieties available.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper to write about. All opinions are my own.

Ruh-roh Raggy! Halloween Coolsville Style! [review]

First there was Caillou. Then it was Paw Patrol. We STILL have a Dragons obsession. But now, the new thing in this house is Scooby Doo. Of course, I grew up with Scooby. I think it was the version that had the theme song "hang around for Scooby Doo" -- and now we listen to Blink 182 jamming out "What's New, Scooby Doo?" And, though Casey Casem was a classic, I'm diggin' Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers.

I bet you didn't know I had so much useless info right? Oh yes. I have the skinny on Scooby.

Scooby is also an incredibly economical option when it comes to Halloween! For right around twenty dollars your child can become the dog in the blue collar! I love this option from Wholesale Halloween Costumes--it's clearly the classic Scooby look but at a super affordable price (make sure you click here to check it out on Facebook too [but do so when the little ones aren't nearby -- currently the rage is creepy clowns and it's enough to scare the squeaky nose off your face!] Let's face it, the costume is cheaper than the gas getting us from Boo Boulevard to the Not-So-Haunted House and back to Grandma's for hot cocoa!


- fits over light layers and seems to be no problem for the carseat! (this can vary by what your child wears underneath and what kind of seat arrangement you have, always check and customize to your needs!)

- Isn't a "look alike" of Scooby. It isn't an anime version or something that looks homemade. It's an authentic Scooby costume and no one will be guessing what your child is dressed as!

- Totally classic character. Even the 70 year old ladies will know who is Trick-or-Treating.

- Really easy to turn into a group costume! Scooby is the hard part and you've got that taken care of! Throw on a green shirt, find some bell-bottoms at a used-a-bit shop, and you have shaggy! Velma needs an orange turtleneck and a red skirt--pair that with a brown bob wig and voila! You could get REALLY creative and turn a van into the Mystery Machine too!

- Sizes are true to the regular fit of that clothing size, erring on the side of running smaller. My son is a solid 5T and the 4-6 fit him with a little bit of wiggle room for some clothes underneath to keep warm.


- Cheaper material, but what do you expect for slightly over twenty bucks!? If your child acts crazy or does gymnastics in costume, it might rip. Otherwise, you'll be safe for a few school outings and "the big night."

- The head is a Velcro-under-the-chin hat and it's hard to keep it from flipping up a lot, making it hard to "show" Scooby's face while doing anything but standing still. We remedied this by putting a clothespin on the inside to weigh it down. It would probably happen with a lot of costumes with a headpiece and was pretty trivial.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Scooby Doo costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It Too

Cheesecake is a personal weakness of mine. I went so far as to purchase an expensive spring form pan JUST to try my hand at making the homemade style cheesecake for my husbands birthday (any excuse, right?) Well, I happen to like the instant from-a-box variety better. No matter the form or flavor, one thing is for sure: it's not on ANY of the diets I've tried. It's not really very good for you. It's not even cheese--so I can't really afford it a place in the "dairy" group.

Then I tried Fiber One Cheesecake Bars. Yeah - they actually taste like my scrumptious cheesecake! For real! I prefer Salted Caramel and my husband likes the Strawberry variety. I love that taste but I also feel good knowing that instead of wolfing down a slice of the sinful dessert, I get some sweet protein and fiber with the Fiber One Cheesecake bars! Win-win, that's what I call it!

It's helpful to me for packing my husbands' lunch (he always wants crazy requests met with pie, baked goods, and other (in my opinion) extravagant elements of his afternoon fare. Cheesecake bars seem like I've slaved away making a delicious lunch, when really I just toss 'em in the lunchbox. No baking. No fussing. More time to unabashedly watch all sorts of Primetime TV shows that are starting up again! Who has time for packing intricate lunches?! Not this mama!

The other neat thing (for me) is that the bars are only 150 calories! I've always wondered why they coined "fun size" for the little candy bars -- there nothing fun about them. And, two of them have about 150 calories BUT don't do anything to fill me up. With my cheesecake bars, I get 4g of fiber that help to keep me full and totally satisfy my sweet tooth too.

Next time you're in the granola bar and fruit snacks aisle, make sure to head for the Fiber One section. That's where I'll be!

Disclosure: I totally received complimentary boxes of both flavors of the Cheesecake Bars to try out. I DID share them with the rest of the family, BUT they disappeared fast. All opinions are my own.

Capturing Memories with AdoramaPix

I'm a Snapfish member and a Shutterfly member. I've dabbled with other sites like Collage.com as well. I love a good deal and I love having different patterns and styles and options when it comes to organizing my digital photos and making something tangible to enjoy the memories over and over. 

Well, I recently heard about AdoramaPix to display our captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail. I love the lay-flat design (often this means additional fees on other sites) and they have gift ideas too. I'm happy to have become a new member -- it is always a good thing to have your photos uploaded to several sites just in case. 

Do you have a favorite site? Are you a member of many? I don't think it ever hurts to spread the love and the photos -- I also enjoy email newsletter perks from several sites--you can too!


25% off our square photo books (6x6,8x8,10x10,12x12). Use code: pxusfam25 ends 09/30/2015 11:59 pm EST

Our Holiday Favorites for Kids

Remember last year when we were dreaming of Christmas in July? Well, this year we held off a LITTLE longer before thinking everything holiday-related! My son felt the chill in the air during a recent low pressure system and he decided we needed to watch some good children's programming. 

First the request was Vegimals. And the Vegimals we have are part of an Octonauts (The Very Vegimal Christmas!) This was shortly followed up by Dino Dan. And again, we have Twas a Dinosaur. Last stop during our rainy day was Caillou's Holiday Movie!

If you haven't picked up copies of these movies yet, since I urged you to last year, I'd highly recommend them still today! My personal favorite (yes, they are all highly tolerable if not enjoyable for parents too) is the Very Vegimal Christmas. Sometime around June my son was humming a little tune and my husband and I recognized it, but couldn't place it. It was hummed for weeks. Finally, we asked him what it was, and he said "vegimals!" He hadn't seen the disc in months and the tune was spot-on! It was also catchy as all get out, so we were all humming it all summer!

These are children's favorites, popularized by television broadcasting and can be enjoyed whenever the rain (or snow) threatens to stomp on fun. I appreciate having wholesome programming in our home (since grandparents assume that Cartoon Network is still just Looney Tunes...wrong!) This is an easy way to ensure my son isn't watching Adult Swim at four years old!

I won't lie, I've even caught myself watching a few episodes while my son is away or napping. About ten minutes in I think: "Why am I watching kids shows when I can watch anything I would like?" I think the truth is, I like them!

Disclosure: I have partnered with NCircle to bring you my holiday favorites. All opinions are my own.

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