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Hey everyone! Nothing like a little sprinkling of love in the springtime! But why not an all-out shower? Well, once again, we're going to shower some lucky readers with some pretty serious love with these awesome grand prizes AND a super sweet prize package right here! I've got some pretty awesome goods gathered including a trendy teether from Hilary's Crafty Designs, a fantastic, simple and efficient audio monitor from VTech Phones, the diaper-of-all-diapers, a hand-made custom dipe from Holden's Landing, and Nursery Art from Lovey Letters by Leah. Thanks to all the great sponsors for really making this a delightful downpour!

Make sure to hop around by following the links (listed below) and enter all of the blog packages! Starts now and runs through April 15th! Good luck! As always, show the sponsors just as much love as they are showing you with these great prizes! :) We wouldn't have these fun events without them!


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Welcome to the [3rd Annual] Showered With Love Event hosted by the Lindsey Blogs and Viva Veltoro! We all know that April Showers bring May Flowers, but did you know that some of your favorite bloggers have come together throw a huge Shower of our own – a virtual Baby Shower!

The Showered with Love Event will run from April 1-15, giving you plenty of time to enter all of the great Baby Shower inspired giveaways, in the linky below, and don't miss the two amazing Grand Prizes from our hosts - a Combi Go and Grow Walker, Play Table and Chairs on Lindsey Blogs and an amazing New Baby Prize Package featuring products from Piyo Piyo, Lulujo, ZOOCCHINI, Poncho Baby, and Bitybean on Viva Veltoro!


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Whatever Wanda [book review]

This book fell into our laps at the absolute perfect time. We had a "threenager." True, this was likely a result of my short-tempered, lazy parenting -- instead of answering a question for the 100th time, I'd say something like "What do YOU think?" or "Use your head!" Really, I'd like to blame it on my daily migraine or pregnancy hormones still finding their way out of my body...but in reality I just needed an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

That's what this book is about. For my son to read a book that was vivid (great illustrations), fun (repetition) so that he could participate, AND a lesson about life... it was a total score for a five-minute bedtime book!

Wanda finds her way after a series of events on a special day in her town. She is a great reminder to US ALL that sometimes we just need to look in the mirror to make the day a little more pleasant!

This book was wonderful for our kiddo who just turned four, but could be good for a child 3-10 years old, I'd say.

This is one of a handful of wonderful books by Christy Ziglar all about teaching some pretty important life lessons. The lesson is kept light-hearted and therefore kids remain receptive to it! At least, that's what I think! I loved the reminder and I am trying now to not take life so seriously again!

Do you need an attitude adjustment? Most of us do!

BayB Brand Bean Bags [review]

I was so excited to try a BayB Brand bean bag - after all, it had been a while since I was able to set my child down! This would be a new, safe place for my baby to enjoy while I enjoyed much needed time with no child in my arms!

My second baby decided the bouncer and the swing were not for him. This left me with a sore back and oftentimes a crying child if I needed both of my hands for anything. The BayB Brand beanbag was a lifesaver and allowed me to put him down in a cozy place to get the dishes or cooking or any chore that required I not be holding him done!

The Skinny:

My son actually enjoyed being placed in this bean bag - for short periods of time. It is inclined so that the child is not lying flat. This is key for him.


I loved that it had a "seat belt" mechanism. I wouldn't have even entertained the thought of putting him in the chair if it didn't have safety features.

I also enjoyed the color options. They were visually appealing bean bag seats. The material on TOP was very plush and cozy. No assembly was required. The amount of beans was adequate for a comfortable position.


The material on the sides is super thin and in my opinion not real high quality. I think over time it would be inevitable that this would get ripped or "blow out" -- it's very thin, almost paper-like. The price of these bean bags would be higher than what I would pay as a consumer for the product you get. If the side material (the spotted part in my photos) were improved it would be more worth the investment.

Overall it is a nice place to put your child while nearby and supervising. It's cozy but would probably break-down over time -- at least in our household! I liked the material on top and the safety features but felt it was a tad over-priced. So, if you need an alternative to keep baby happy while you get somethings done, this is a good choice!

The bean bags retail on the BayB Brand website for $69.99.

Disclosure: My partnership with US Family Guides allowed me to try a complimentary product. No other compensation was received. 

Kapital K for the Dapper Little Dude [review]

We have been disappointed time and time again by our rural options for children's clothing. Firstly, there are racks upon racks of girls clothes, while only about two racks total of boys options. Boo! Secondly, since we are very isolated from the next large populous area, all the boys here have the same clothes if you shop in the local stores. This will not do. So, in our Internet search for some more options to show my big boys' personality and unique style, we found Kapital K.

We were really impressed with the quality and fun design of the two Kapital K tops that we tried out. One, a red and navy blue sweater was the perfect addition for a Christmas concert and Valentine's Day dinner with mama! It was also perfect for any occasion - warm and casual play dates or just another day at preschool!

The second top was also a long-sleeved soft sweater-like shirt. It was ever so slightly patterned and had elbow patches - I'm a total sucker for elbow patches! We adored the quality of the material - even with several washes we have not yet encountered pilling of the fabric or fading. The only thing that I will say is that if your child is in-between on sizes, size UP. This is always a good policy, since kids can always grow but rarely shrink! We did think that the clothing was true to slightly small in size. For longevity sake, get the bigger size that will work for your child.

The spring line is now available from Kapital K! Make sure to check it out in select stores and of course online. Your little dude has a personality all his own, let it show through in his clothing choices as well as his daily expression!

Disclosure: I've partnered with Kapital K to facilitate this post. I was not compensated in any way other than complimentary garments to sample. All opinions are my own.

Spotlight on Harp Diapers...Again! [Review]

Well it's been a few YEARS can you imagine? Last time I featured Harp Diapers it was for Merry Fluffy Christmas and I believe it was back in 2011! Since then, Harp Diapers and Deborah, the amazing WAHM and owner/creator behind the name have really grown and thrived as a small business!

She admits (via email - but I imagine her giggling a little as she "says" it) that her "designs have come a long way since we first worked together." I knew that when I was pregnant with #2 I wanted more than anything to work with Deborah again and try out the new design - since the older design, the original was a favorite in my rotation with my first son in cloth.

I was overwhelmed and wicked excited as I looked through the incredible array of fabrics that she has available now for custom diapers. Really - it took me an hour to even look at all of them - thank goodness I was talking to her around Christmas because that helped me narrow it down! I was totally in the Christmas spirit anticipating my Christmas baby, so I went with a classic Rudolph print.
I hadn't really done the newborn in cloth thing before -- we started when my first born was about two months old - so seeing cloth on a newbie bum was insanely adorable! We were able to cloth diaper with #2 after about 10 days - he had a herniated belly button that delayed the cord drop and I only used our "general use" diapers while diapering him, not my cute ones! (Shallow and silly? Maybe. But all of that circumcision care, stump care, and oils and creams are hard for me to deal with while sleep deprived!)

When we were in cloth in the early days, it came back to us so quickly how much we loved Harp Diapers! I still totally plan to use the older AI2 style diaper that was our initial fluff from Deborah. Now, it's clear her talents have been sharpened and she's come into her own with her designs! The newer AI2 is much more trim -- the leg gussets are much tighter (in a good way - they were a little more loose before) and one of the older diapers is nearly the size that two newer generation ones would be!

The cool thing? The absorbency was INSANE back then and it hasn't faltered even while making a more trim diaper. Harp was our go-to diaper for night and nap and still is!

Previous AI2 "Winter Wolves" that I LOVE to this day:

Disclosure: I've worked with Harp Diapers two times in partnership to create these reviews. Complimentary diapers have been provided. No other compensation was received. I truly LOVE Deborah's work.

My-oh-my My Yo-Baby has grown!

My Yo-Baby is almost FOUR! Yes, that sweet little dribbly, yogurt face has grown into a yogurt-faced little boy. I remember when I used to dread feeding him - I know that sounds terrible! But, I hated the mess. When I got him hooked as a bigger kid on Yo Kids pouches I was stoked to not have anything to clean up after. But now I also miss those days long gone of "babyhood."

What I am fondly remembering though is setting up my big boy (now almost 4!!) for having a healthy "gut" as my grandma would say - with the beneficial probiotics of yogurt starting him out as a Yo Baby! I'm looking forward to doing the same for our new little guy, and though he's too young now and we exclusively breastfeed for at least a year if we can, I'm excited to continue on the path of health and happiness with Stonyfield for my guy.

Yo-babies are the best! We're a Stonyfield family and I am a little biased because we've had such great experiences and flavorful enjoyment with Stonyfield, but truly, the baby years are the best years and I believe in giving my children the best of all they need to thrive. Do you have a Yo Baby? Did you?

Those slobbery yogurt-caked smiles are the most memorable. I'm excited to make more memories soon! (On another totally honest note, hubby LOVES the flavors and taste of Yo-Baby too!) So really, we're all a bunch of Yo-babies at heart!

Disclosure: I am a Stonyfield Yo-Getter. I received a complimentary Yo-Baby Swag pack for use in this article. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way to date.

And the Oscar Goes to...

So there are few things more exciting for moms that spend a lot of time nursing and channel-surfting at night than events that guarantee HOURS of entertainment. First it was the Super Bowl and I didn't tune into the SAG awards, but I will definitely be in the front row (in our home) for the Oscars! In fact, I'll be throwing a little party with the fam! Oscar's BINGO anyone?

We will be turning in for speeches, hanging on every word, and hoping for our favorites tonight! We'll also be trying some new treats and recipes! Oscar Lasagna Hotdish (I know, it doesn't sound fancy and it's not! Really, I'm just sticking "Oscar" on the front of that one! Stonyfield Yogurt Pearls will be our fancy desserts!

We wrote before about how we loved Stonyfield Petite Creme - well, we'll be partyin' it up, enjoying more of that fare as well! My personal fave was the Strawberry - while my husband liked Black Cherry. We got some Jello, Applesauce, and chopped up tropical fruit like papaya and pineapple and we'll be mixing it all together with some of the flavored Petite Creme to make a mostly healthy concoction as a fruity side salad for our pasta dish.

One thing I know for sure? I'm excited to see Neil Patrick Harris host AND I read something about the songwriters of Frozen making a song for him! Not only that but I'm SURE that Reese Witherspoon has got it in the bag for her performance in Wild! One interesting thing I had no idea about is that folks can win for their work on fake (and real) mustache management in movies! How fun! Grand Budapest Hotel has my vote there!

What is your favorite category? Are you rootin' for a particular someone? Do you watch awards shows with anxious excitement? Have a girls night with friends to indulge? 

Disclosure: I was partyin' in style with my family as part of a partnership with Stonyfield and my membership as a Stonyfield Yo-getter. I was not compensated in any way other than complimentary product.

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