Oh the places we will not go today.....haha!....so, I will write about the past few days' news!

So, last night, as I heard the thunder of the impending storm approaching, I actually managed to get my car windows up, diapers in off the line, and put away other things I did not wish to get wet. However, I did not have the mental wherewithall to turn the key off (power windows) all the way, so now, today, my car battery is very dead. Travis is @ the cabin, where I am supposed to be now, and he is not answering his cell or getting my texts. So, Little Bug and I are effectively stranded---without another vehicle to jump the car. Oops!

Yesterday though, we had great fun swimming in the small plastic kiddie pool! First time for Little Bug. He did great, we splashed for about a half hour.

Today, I signed up for Weight Watchers, again---I had decided to in May of last year, but then a month in and 5 lbs down, I discovered out surprise little blessing, Little Bug, and had to quit for a while. Now, he is 5 months old and it seems time to get the weight back off. Since I had Gestational Diabetes, I was worried about Type II in the future---and my dad's side has a history of it. I heard if you can get most of the tummy fat gone by 1 year of age, that you have a much lesser risk of developing Type II diabetes.  I would like to drop down to my 'Alaskan active lifestyle' weight from 2009, but my first goal is to get to 145, which is my weight before DISPATCH!!! The sedentary job really helped me pack on an extra 20 lbs. And, I know exclusively breastfeeding, a mother needs more calories, but I'm obviously eating WAY more than I need (or at least way more of the junk food I DON'T need) and so, since WW has a BFing mother option, we start tomorrow! It is the 5 month birthday date for Little Bug, so it should be a good timeline for weight-tracking----his age vs. my weight. Wish me luck!

We are having a garage sale table @ the local Hobo festival. I have found a few things to pedal, but I am having a hard time figuring out what clothes I will HOPEFULLY fit into again...  I hope we sell a lot though, and I hope it will be nice weather! It will be extra 'fun money' to spend on family trips, date nights, etc.

I am about a month into cloth diapering, and I am wondering about winter.... I will need an indoor hanging/drying rack, and some kind of sprayer. The bumgenius ones are $50 or so, and I would rather have it hook to the laundry room sink than the toilet anyway, so I'm trying to plan for that. I have discovered I like Thirsties Duo Diapers, Bumgenius AIO, OS, 3.0 & 4.0 (so pretty much just that whole brand) and Fuzzibunz best. I want to try a blueberry, especially a minky cuz they're so soft! I added 4 small diapers even though Little Bug is out of that size, planning for #2, and I just ordered 10 Large for his next growth spurt! I have a pretty sweet stash built up now! I don't care for the Flip covers, prefolds, or Workhorse Clotheez. Smartipants are okay too. I don't care for the Thirsties fitteds. Totally saturated everytime I've used it so far.

I've also been getting weird dizzy spells, that are probably either my 'inner ear crystals' dislodged (yes, this is a real thing....crazy, but real) which causes you to feel like you have the bedspins & vertigo. Or, my eyes changed during pregnancy, which is when I got this perscription, OR i need an adjustment for a pinched nerve. If it is none of those, I will be going to the doctor.... Feeling dizzy all day sucks & it's been for about a month now.


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