Retro-fit Birth Story

Okay, so I realized that since first time mamas are always absorbed for like the first 3 months in nothing but baby cuddling, diaper changing, and catching precious Zzzz's that I hadn't ever blogged the beautiful story that was the birth of our Little Bug.

So, here it is, sparing some of the gruesome details. But not really.

After a very long pregnancy (I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes @ 29 weeks) and I'm a chocolate fiend, I was induced at week 39. Little Bug had already grown to 9 lbs as an estimate from weekly ultrasounds (which can be off a pound +/-). I would watch every week as the estimated birth weight went up and up and up. I also had super swollen feet and was reduced to a life of wearing brown faux fur-lined Crocs for the winter--that was all that fit my feet anymore.

So, I went in @ 8am on March 14 and started taking a pill that was the first step in induction. I thought I could take the pill and then go about my business for the day. So, after I was told by a very tolerant nurse that "no, I had to stay in the hospital for the duration".... So, my husband and I hung out for 8 hours. Nothing happened. I started a Pitocin drip shortly after. Finally, at about 1am, my water broke. I remember apologizing to the night nurse for making such a mess. Then I watched Twilight & Baby Mama. We strolled around the hospital, visiting the canaries and African finches in the nursing home wing. We visited the gift shop. I dropped strong hints about wanting a blue platypus stuffed animal, but still haven't received it.....

They tell you to 'exercise'. To walk around to 'help get things going.' I will remember this and kindly disagree next time. If I am ever again induced, I will take the opportunity to SLEEP. After 30 hours of WAITING for something to happen, staying awake trying to encourage something to finally did and I was already EXHAUSTED! So, I was getting into the hottub to soak a bit, and was moving from a kneeling position to trying to sit on my butt, when I felt this incredible urge to take a giant crap. I was afraid to move, for fear of having a baby in a bathtub. It was about 7am, and of course it was during a shift change. If possible, sit with your legs crossed until it is no longer a SHIFT CHANGE if this happens to you. A shift change guarantees at least double the amount of people that would normally be in your birthing suite in any other hour of the day. Avoid this at any cost. :)

I ended up having Nubane & an interthecal. I'd also avoid the interthecal. All it did was make my legs fall asleep. It did nothing for my lady parts. At all. And, I was stabbed repeatedly for 15 minutes until they found the right spot to place it. So, avoid that too. I was going in 'all natural' but after a day and a half, with no sleep, I gave in. I think had I been well-rested, I could have done it. The pain wasn't that bad, but I was so tired that having my shoelace come untied would have made me bawl.

1 1/2 hours of pushing and out came our Little Bug. 9 lbs 12 oz. 21 3/4 inches long. Perfect. I fell in love, as most mothers do right then. *Another piece of advice* If you are being surprised by the gender of your baby, have a name for both options ready! I was convinced we were having a girl. We had the perfect girl name all picked out. Our little boy was "Baby Boy" for 2.5 days. We were signing our discharge papers being told "we need a name...." and I was bawling because we did not have one and it's not something you choose hastily! We were also told "you can always take him home and think about it..." I knew, we would forever have "Baby Boy" if we did this. So, have a name READY!

We drove 10 miles an hour for the first 5 blocks outside the hospital. It felt like we were on the Autobahn. I sat in the back with Little Bug who was screaming as Travis idled along toward home. Later he told me he was petrified the whole drive. He did great & our little family audibly sighed we entered out home.

And our adventure had started!


Little Bug is walking around getting into everything he knows NOT to go near. So, I say 'no' firmly and redirect him to some toys or our big tomcat or something else.... So, naturally, it's been tears and screaming and melodramatics ALL morning! I'm SOOOO sick of this stage already, and it's just begun!

My mother says he's a very spoiled little boy. And true, one of our biggest mistakes so far has been to pick him up or grant him his every wish at the slightest peep of displeasure. It started when he was a newborn, wanting to not only be held, but also walked around. There were no moments of rest with this kiddo around...he wasn't happy to rock until recently (and then he's still not happy, because it's pre-nap rocking). He is such a high maintenance/high energy kid! I'm thankful that I have a healthy & happy kiddo, I just thought I'd have a lazier baby?! Ha!

Maybe we'll luck out and it will be the terrible-almost-one's instead of the terrible twos? Unlikely.

Organic Mother's Milk Tea

Yuck. Blech. I am trying to choke down some organic Mother's Milk tea to help increase my milk supply. I've never really had a lot of trouble with supply, but we're coming up on the one-year mark, and I want to keep BFing as long as possible, and have been thinking more about going to work at least part-time, so here I am, with my steaming cup of swill.

It's a maple syrup/black licorice taste. I cannot stand either of them! So, I put in a packet of Crystal light and it's bearable. It says for best results to drink 4-6 times a day! Holy guacamole, I don't think I can drink that much of this icky stuff! However, I'm a breastfeeding mama, very devoted to giving my kiddo at LEAST that much in's something I cannot screw up, right?! So, down the hatch.

Other moms swear by drinking IPA and having sex. Red wine. Oatmeal. Fenugreek. Water. The mini-pill. All of these tricks and remedies for keeping up your milk supply. I am now on a mission to see if anything will work! Bottoms up! (Starting with the tea...but, I DID find out the local bottle shop is now going to order in my Alaskan IPA, so it may be the next step!)

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