Organic Mother's Milk Tea

Yuck. Blech. I am trying to choke down some organic Mother's Milk tea to help increase my milk supply. I've never really had a lot of trouble with supply, but we're coming up on the one-year mark, and I want to keep BFing as long as possible, and have been thinking more about going to work at least part-time, so here I am, with my steaming cup of swill.

It's a maple syrup/black licorice taste. I cannot stand either of them! So, I put in a packet of Crystal light and it's bearable. It says for best results to drink 4-6 times a day! Holy guacamole, I don't think I can drink that much of this icky stuff! However, I'm a breastfeeding mama, very devoted to giving my kiddo at LEAST that much in's something I cannot screw up, right?! So, down the hatch.

Other moms swear by drinking IPA and having sex. Red wine. Oatmeal. Fenugreek. Water. The mini-pill. All of these tricks and remedies for keeping up your milk supply. I am now on a mission to see if anything will work! Bottoms up! (Starting with the tea...but, I DID find out the local bottle shop is now going to order in my Alaskan IPA, so it may be the next step!)

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