Retro-fit Birth Story

Okay, so I realized that since first time mamas are always absorbed for like the first 3 months in nothing but baby cuddling, diaper changing, and catching precious Zzzz's that I hadn't ever blogged the beautiful story that was the birth of our Little Bug.

So, here it is, sparing some of the gruesome details. But not really.

After a very long pregnancy (I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes @ 29 weeks) and I'm a chocolate fiend, I was induced at week 39. Little Bug had already grown to 9 lbs as an estimate from weekly ultrasounds (which can be off a pound +/-). I would watch every week as the estimated birth weight went up and up and up. I also had super swollen feet and was reduced to a life of wearing brown faux fur-lined Crocs for the winter--that was all that fit my feet anymore.

So, I went in @ 8am on March 14 and started taking a pill that was the first step in induction. I thought I could take the pill and then go about my business for the day. So, after I was told by a very tolerant nurse that "no, I had to stay in the hospital for the duration".... So, my husband and I hung out for 8 hours. Nothing happened. I started a Pitocin drip shortly after. Finally, at about 1am, my water broke. I remember apologizing to the night nurse for making such a mess. Then I watched Twilight & Baby Mama. We strolled around the hospital, visiting the canaries and African finches in the nursing home wing. We visited the gift shop. I dropped strong hints about wanting a blue platypus stuffed animal, but still haven't received it.....

They tell you to 'exercise'. To walk around to 'help get things going.' I will remember this and kindly disagree next time. If I am ever again induced, I will take the opportunity to SLEEP. After 30 hours of WAITING for something to happen, staying awake trying to encourage something to finally did and I was already EXHAUSTED! So, I was getting into the hottub to soak a bit, and was moving from a kneeling position to trying to sit on my butt, when I felt this incredible urge to take a giant crap. I was afraid to move, for fear of having a baby in a bathtub. It was about 7am, and of course it was during a shift change. If possible, sit with your legs crossed until it is no longer a SHIFT CHANGE if this happens to you. A shift change guarantees at least double the amount of people that would normally be in your birthing suite in any other hour of the day. Avoid this at any cost. :)

I ended up having Nubane & an interthecal. I'd also avoid the interthecal. All it did was make my legs fall asleep. It did nothing for my lady parts. At all. And, I was stabbed repeatedly for 15 minutes until they found the right spot to place it. So, avoid that too. I was going in 'all natural' but after a day and a half, with no sleep, I gave in. I think had I been well-rested, I could have done it. The pain wasn't that bad, but I was so tired that having my shoelace come untied would have made me bawl.

1 1/2 hours of pushing and out came our Little Bug. 9 lbs 12 oz. 21 3/4 inches long. Perfect. I fell in love, as most mothers do right then. *Another piece of advice* If you are being surprised by the gender of your baby, have a name for both options ready! I was convinced we were having a girl. We had the perfect girl name all picked out. Our little boy was "Baby Boy" for 2.5 days. We were signing our discharge papers being told "we need a name...." and I was bawling because we did not have one and it's not something you choose hastily! We were also told "you can always take him home and think about it..." I knew, we would forever have "Baby Boy" if we did this. So, have a name READY!

We drove 10 miles an hour for the first 5 blocks outside the hospital. It felt like we were on the Autobahn. I sat in the back with Little Bug who was screaming as Travis idled along toward home. Later he told me he was petrified the whole drive. He did great & our little family audibly sighed we entered out home.

And our adventure had started!


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