Little Bug is walking around getting into everything he knows NOT to go near. So, I say 'no' firmly and redirect him to some toys or our big tomcat or something else.... So, naturally, it's been tears and screaming and melodramatics ALL morning! I'm SOOOO sick of this stage already, and it's just begun!

My mother says he's a very spoiled little boy. And true, one of our biggest mistakes so far has been to pick him up or grant him his every wish at the slightest peep of displeasure. It started when he was a newborn, wanting to not only be held, but also walked around. There were no moments of rest with this kiddo around...he wasn't happy to rock until recently (and then he's still not happy, because it's pre-nap rocking). He is such a high maintenance/high energy kid! I'm thankful that I have a healthy & happy kiddo, I just thought I'd have a lazier baby?! Ha!

Maybe we'll luck out and it will be the terrible-almost-one's instead of the terrible twos? Unlikely.

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  1. he is your only one don't feel bad we tend to do that with our first born.