Baby Mama: The Sequel

So, it's no secret, Baby Mama is one of my fave movies. I even watched it to pass time while I was being induced. This past weekend, my husband and Little Bug and I had a garage sale along with 20+ other families in a ballroom of a local hotel, to make some extra cash.

At the end of day #2, a couple came by. The Mama has bright pink hair cut into a bob, with black rimmed glasses, exercise pants, a tank top that is sporting a 8+ months-along belly under it, with a tie-dyed sweatshirt unzipped over top. She also has a one-year old boy on her hip, with no sock on his feet. It's February in MN. Come on! Daddy has black leather lace-up work boots, black jeans, a black underarmor type material shirt, a leather jacket, and a bandana on. He hasn't seen a clean shave in a few days at least, and he's got an evelope of cash in his hand, fresh from the bank.

The couple wander around our tables, looking over all of our 'goodies.' They have so far purchased: a bucket of misc. spoons & spatulas that caused majors headaches for me (jamming the drawer because it was full to capacity) so I piled them all into a bucket and marked it a buck. They also have a large gallon baggie of silverware, a pair of red, yes red cowboy boots we found in our basement, and 2 really nice oak mirrors in their pile. Daddy says "we don't have any mirrors in our apartment. I don't think the last people that lived there like to look at themselves at all! Now, that would be fine if we weren't such good-looking people!" He said this with no humor. He really believes this.

Mama wants an old crib set I have for sale, before I knew Little Bug was a boy! We have it on the 1/2 off table (it was nearing the end & we just really didn't want anything coming back home!) so it was $5. Mama: "Can we get this? It's so cute! It's girlie! I know that we have a crib set already, but this one is girlie!" Daddy: "No! We already have TWO! They are so big & take up so much space!" Mama: "Please! You're not gonna win this one!" Daddy: "No!" Mama: "Fine, you're not getting your pack of smokes then!"

The couple were still arguing as they left with their mirrors to admire themselves, and no crib bedding. I wish I would have had baby socks for sale, I would have given them to the poor little purple-footed, cold-toed boy! What a hoot they were! In that sad kind of way! I don't mean to make judgements, but damned if they weren't complete dopplegangers of Carl & Angie from Baby Mama. Right down to the black leather get-up and the personality! HAHAHAHAHAHA! This made packing the bedding back home totally worth it. [Though looking back, I wish I would have just gifted it to her. The performance was worth $5.]


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