Extreme Couponers should USE CLOTH!

I just saw a MAN in his 30s with NO CHILDREN on the show Extreme Couponers. Now, while I do find it to be a bit endearing that a dude would take pride in like 15 cases of Newborn Size disposable diapers, I was thinking about how much more he would have saved by just replacing THOSE diapers with CLOTH in his 'stockpile.'

1) It would cost about the same to have a pretty decent stash
2) They could be used on multiple children
3) RESALE! No one is going to buy a poopy disposable diaper. 'Nuff said.

I just thought I would point this out. Being a smart consumer usually pays off more than hoarding. And, when you can save + be green, it's that much cooler.

The one thing I've seen on there that DID actually make me laugh, was a lady who gave birth to twins and said she had the 'ultimate savings' because she only had 1 hospital bill for 2 kids.......


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