Frozen Fun

Little Bug, his dad & I went to a hockey game (his first ever!) yesterday. Talk about babies! Every hockey mom, dad, and fan seemed to have a kiddo about the Bug's age. We met a few friends there that also had guys skating. It was a grudge match... I'd like to be able to tell you who won, but I can't. Up until recently, that might have been because of too many beers.... But, as I've learned with so many events this year, it's very hard sometimes to partake in entire events with a little guy in tow.

The game was 4-6, naptime is around 4:30. We made it to 5:15 and had to bail. The main point was to catch up with some college and co-worker friends, so it was still a very fun and successful outing, but it got me and the other moms there thinking about how much your scheduling of life stuff is dictated by the little person in the fam. I try to do the driving into town portion of our outings during naptime. I have to make sure he's fed before leaving, strategically planning when the next feeding will be while we're out and about. (I'm totally comfortable breastfeeding in public, basically wherever works best for me and the Bug, but he's easily distracted.)

It was really neat to see how the Little Bug would react to the cool temps of the arena, the unfamiliar acoustics, the crack of a stick slapping a puck, the sound of blades slicing over the frozen rink, and all the figures zipping back and forth down the ice. He loved it! I was really paranoid that he'd get smoked in the face with a rogue puck, so we moved to a spot right next to the boards, behind the glass. He was able to toddle around there with his buddy (4 days apart in age!) and though the boys were completely and surprisingly uninterested in each other, they loved trying to lick the bar separating panes of glass. Every time we would turn our heads to try and watch a moment of the action, little tongues would taste the pole. Nomnomnom! Ish! Silly busy boys! Minnesota winter fun at its best! It was nice to be in an arena again. Great to see friends and pretty fun to just sit back and watch the little guy explore his world. Even though I'm still trying to convince my inner germophobe that 2 licks probably won't mean certain illness.....


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