How CLOTH happened in THIS house!

It all began a long, long time ago...

(well, it seemed like a long time. About a year really...)

I was pregnant and going to La Leche League meetings, gearing up to breastfeed, and I wanted to be as knowledgeable as I could beforehand. It was also one of the ONLY classes/groups that my area offered for expecting women. We have the 6 week birth classes, a one-day prenatal yoga at the local YMCA, and the LLL. So, I went for it.

I learned that about 10 local moms meet regularly each month in the local LLL chapter. So I went about 4 times. One of the times a mom that is now a good friend was talking about cloth diapers. I felt so silly because in all of my book-time logged, and all of my scrounging for new mama info, I hadn't even considered cloth. Not that I was against I was completely oblivious to the fact that it was even an option. Period. My prego brain had not thought of cloth diapers at all. So, I waddled up to the gal, and asked about it.

"Is it hard?" "Is it gross?" "Is it more time-consuming?" "How do you know what brands to buy?" "I sure wish I could try some before committing!"

And, presto! My friend told me about some of the trial programs that are out there. Jillian's Drawers is the one I used (Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program). I got several diapers in gender neutral colors (though you can choose boy or girl too) and they were varied in system and style. I got a Snappi, some indian and chinese prefolds, a cover, a pocket, a sleeve, a fitted, a duo, and an AIO--there may have been more, but it's been a while! Check it out at their website if you are curious!

I loved it. So I kept all the dipes. I ended up selling a few down the road. However, it was the perfect way for me to try cloth and all the different options out there, without a huge stash commitment. During this trial, I was really excited to start using cloth, and a friend said HER friend LOVED Thirsties. So, I bought 9 Duo Diapers used. I found out after about a month that Thirsties weren't really for us and our heavy wetter as a MAIN stash dipe. We still have a handful of them, but I then moved on to Fuzzibunz. They have been our 'dad-friendly' diaper! He loves them and they work great at naptime. We must have about 25 of them. We are definitely more of a pocket family.

I have tried various new brands and am always game for reviewing new dipes, especially WAHM-made ones! We have tried lots, and have lots in our stash, including: Blueberry, Busy Bottom, Fuzzibunz, MonkeySnuggles, CuteyBaby, Smartipants, Thirsties, Clotheez, FLIP, BumGenius, HappyHeineys, IttyBittyTutto, Zorb, Kawaii, BumCheeks, Econobum, DiaperRite, Gdiaper, & Kissaluvs. So, we've tried a little bit of everything! But there are so many more to try! I would LOVE to review your diaper! See my PR tab to make it happen!

I really try to get our story out there, because in under a year, we went from not knowing ANYTHING about cloth to reviewing and blogging about it, trying to get our friends to switch, and LOVING it! I won't go so far as to say I am not anxious about potty training to KEEP the Little Bug in cloth, haha, but it makes me excited for #2!

This is about 2/3 of my stash. I have newborns & toddler sizes & trainers that aren't shown. I also have a couple swim dipes not pictured, and about 6 that were dirty.

There are so many great resources about the benefits of CLOTH to your family, the environment, early potty training, financially, and, lets face it--anything that makes the perpetual poo parade more fun & cute is a bonus too, right?


  1. Daddy is a fuzzibunz lover in our house too. I'm more of a fitteds gal myself. ;)