No More Rocking Around the Clock

Little Bug is 11 months old. We are still pretty much nursing on demand, which I am totally fine with, but we are having some BIG battles with naps and sleep. He was never really a kid that like to be rocked. Until he was 8 months old. So, it seemed like since nursing to sleep for naps wasn't working, rocking would be a great new solution. 5 minutes in the chair and he'd doze right off. Awesome.

Three months later...not so awesome. Sometimes we've been rocking for an hour or more. He IS tired, that's not the issue. My arm goes to sleep long before he does. And, most times, he blinks awake as soon as I stand up and we have to start all over again. Argh!

We only have him sleep in his crib (up until now) from about 7:30-8:00 for bedtime until around 11:00 or midnight, when he wakes up and squawks, at which point, I bring him into bed with me. I'm still okay with the cosleeping. I'm not okay with spending 3-4 hours a day rocking. I'm starting to feel like a crazy person!


We decided to try to 'crib train' for naps and starting to sleep. We figured 11 months was old enough to fall asleep on his own. Yesterday it took 42 minutes of bawling/screaming. I checked on him and reassured him every 7 minutes for the first stretch, but soon realized it was making it worse. So for the last 20 minutes, as hard as it was for me to listen to (heartbreaking) I left him to cry and wear out. He did. He napped for 45 minutes.

At bedtime I nursed him, read him a story, then said goodnight and put him into the crib. 20 minutes of screaming with only one check-up to lay him back down and pat his back. He slept for 4 hours.

So, hopefully we can continue this trend and we will all be a little happier because of it! Stay tuned!


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