Trying My Hand At Stripping

Again, NOT that, perv! [I'm having a lot of fun with these titles...]

Okay, so after 11+ months of keeping the Little Bugs bottom relatively rash-free in cloth, a quarter-sized very angry rash came out of nowhere today. It is almost perfectly circular, right around the anus, and has some raised white bumps associated. From asking other mamas and doing google searches, I cannot rule out yeast-related rashes, as it kind-of fits the bill. So, today, I will try my hand at stripping---the diapers, of course.

I have decided to use a few drops of Dawn dishsoap in a hot wash and then rinse several times. You are supposed to rinse until there are no bubbles whatsoever left.

It got me thinking that I should have been more diligent! Bad mama! I just purchased some used cloth diapers, and I prepped them like I would a new diaper, but didn't think to strip them in case the prior owner had any yeast problems. The timeframe is right and it makes me wonder--we've never had any rash issues before! Though, Little Bug has been fussy today (not sure if it's teething or because he has an uncomfortable rash!) So, it's the chicken & egg dilemma I guess...

We'll see how this goes.


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