Waterbabies = Mom's goin' back to work!

So, around November of 2010 I took my leave from work, to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy, prepare the house, NAP, etc. I haven't been back full-time since. I've worked a few days (fire dispatching during dry times) and am licensed to substitute teach (though I haven't since my little dude was born), but that's it.

Last week, they called me to go full-time, and the thing about dispatching is it's not 40 hrs a week (which I thought was too much anyway) it's actually more like 60-80 hrs a week, weekends, and holidays. 12 hour days are normal if there are fires burning... So I declined, not wanting to miss a moment of this adventure, watching my son grow and growing with him.

We are single income. So, the thought of having 2 income sources is super tempting. Especially to feed my fluff fetish. But, the reason I became a parent (it was a surprise, true, but what I had planned for future parenting before I was surprised with the Little Bug) was to raise my children, not pay someone else to raise them while I worked. I don't have anything against that lifestyle, I just knew it wasn't what I wanted & Travis agreed.

Then, the best opportunity came knockin'! We are in Waterbabies and I did Water Aerobics while pregnant, so we are pool people! Well, the local instructor got a new job, and wanted me to replace her! Best part --- I can bring my baby with!! Woohoo! So, next Wednesday, we start our 'working' lives, Mama and Little Bug Waterbabies! Monday, Wednesday & Friday I will teach water aerobics and the Bug will come with me when he's not with dad or grandpa. (Trav works just down the road from the pool, so sometimes it is going to be 'bring your son to work for an hour' mode! We are excited that we found something to work for us.

That is why I'm posting this...don't be afraid to hold out, seek out, go against the grain, go against your moms (or MILs) advice, against a doctor----OR ANYONE to find what works for you and your baby! That's the best advice I've ever been given and it works every time.


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