We DID it!!!

Not that, perv.

We finally got Little Bug to bed in the crib. He started to cry a little when I was carrying him and we got within 6" of the crib, but then we I laid him down, he stopped. I tucked him in, patted his cheek a little, stroked his hair for a second, and turned on his jungle mobile thing. He said "kiki" (his version of 'kitty') and watched the lion & monkey light up and move, I left and I haven't heard a peep. That was 2 hours ago!

Score one for the mama!!!!

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  1. Way to go! I can completely relate to that feeling of we did it! My daughter is 16 months old and it's still a struggle, especially for naps. She is at least going to bed in her crib, and takes most of one nap in her crib, but not without a lot of effort and frustration on my part! I would give anything for one hour of uninterrupted time to sit on my lazy butt! :)