When do you find the time?

Time. Even the movie-makers are capitalizing on the concept of 'so little time' with that movie that has Justin Timberlake & you trade minutes for goods...name is spacing me right now. It seems like especially since becoming a mommy, time has been on my mind a lot!

My time: I have made it a big priority in my life this year to READ to Liam as much as possible but at least every day. There have been a few days where I failed miserably. But, it's one that isn't going to budge. I am a HUGE advocate of early literacy. We live a 1/2 hour from anywhere, so going to town takes time. We are in Mommy and Me and Waterbabies, which equivocates to about 3 hours of week, with drive time, it's more like 5 hours. Then I do Zumba on Mondays for another 2 hour time suck. Fridays, Zumba in the morning, another 2 hours.

My husband's time:
  usually goes to work @ 6, typically when the Bug and I are just stirring, so we only see him occasionally. He gets home between 4:30 and 6:00. So, even though I want his time, he has to divide these 4 precious hours at night between his time demands and our family's! Supper takes about an hour for BOTH of us. So we are left with 3 measly hours to spend at night---any only about an hour and a half of that is with our Little Bug, since he goes to bed around 7:30. If he wants to fish the night-bite on a local lake, he likely won't see the Bug or warm dinner. Not to mention the occasional demands I have like "honey, can you please change my oil and filter?"

Naptime. Ahhh. This is one of my favorite times! I love the Little Bug to death. Like the kind of love that would be dangerous if I were a boa constrictor huggin' a rat. But his glorious naptime is sacred to me. I try not to need a nap during that time myself. This way, I can work on my blog & networking. I can work on my book. I can clean the house...well, maybe someday I'll try that out. I use this time to make phone calls (so that if I need to use even one brain cell during the conversation, it is not battling with concentration on words pertinent to the conversation and trying to block out babbling or crying...) Yes, nap time is my time. But it's short, sometimes only 10 minutes. At best, an hour.

My Parents time.
I always considered my parents young. Until Little Bug came along. Somehow they aged 10 years (don't tell them that!) And my dad is turning 50 next month...how did he get to 50? They are both in decent health, but it still gets me (sadly) thinking about how time with them is marked. Even if it's another 50 years, time is short. They come see my Bug every 2 weeks, even though it's a 2 hour drive. I consider our family lucky that all of our extended family is close-by. So, I've been trying to be less of a brat and more of a grown up. [Even though after the introduction of the 1st grandbaby on BOTH sides of our family, we no longer exist as people individually. We are "Little Bugs Parents." We get no visitors. He's the star!]

Couple Time. This is virtually non-existent. But we're still happy. Happier than before in some ways, as we have a common goal!

So, I'm running out of time. I have to eat before the Bug wakes up. I can't even imagine having a full-time job in addition to parenting! I don't like missing one minute. So kudos to all you working mommies and daddies. I will go back to work, I love working, but not until it works for our family. So take the time. Enjoy your time. Make every minute count. Time flies. Tick-tock. Time is of the essence. The time is now.......so many cliches for time!


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