...worth how many in the bush???

So I'm lubing up the Little Bug after our post-swim shower. I use Aveeno and slather him profusely to help keep him 'baby soft.' And, he's ever-mobile now, so these still sessions are not without protest. So I sing:

Tommy thumbs are up,
and Tommy thumbs are down.
Tommy thumbs are dancing
all around the town.

Dance them on your shoulder,
dance them on your head.
Dance them on your knees,
and tuck them into bed!

This is sung to "I'm a little teapot" and he usually likes it. Especially when I tuck my thumbs under his armpits @ the 'bed' part. This is our lotioning routine. Legs, arms, tummy, head, then back, and lastly, down the back of the dipe--to get rid of the excess lotion on my hands and keep his cheeks soft. (it's just a tiny amount of lotion, but hey, it's our ROUTINE!)

Today, I did this and came out of the dipe with a handful of poo. So I ask....a poo in the hand is worth???? Apparently it's worth another cloth diaper, both of us washing our hands, a crabby diaper change that led to poo on the carpet, and eventually about a half hour later, a clean baby, a clean mom, and a dirty blog entry!

[the real kicker is during 'naked time' before the shower, i saw him standing in the kitchen and there was a little turd in his butt cheeks. This is the closest he's come to actually poo-ing on the floor. hilarious. my life is just full of it lately! But, in a funny, happy way.

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  1. lol, I was just posting on another blog that I wanted to see photos. For this post, I'm glad you didn't include any :)