You've Got Mail!

Okay, the topic of mail is USUALLY not cloth-related, but sometimes my mailbox IS packed with fluff. I do have 2 swim dipes comin' in the mail, and I just received one in BLACK from Diaper Junction (it's a Diaper Rite and I love it!).

I LOVE getting mail. Emails are pretty sweet when they are not spam or corporate-based. I like good 'old-fashioned' pen-pal type emails. Love them. I'm very verbose, so when I write an email, I generally write a ton, and don't get quite as much back. I'm okay with that, I know most people have overflowing inboxes and are emailing from work on break a lot of the time. So, I truly appreciate every email I get from a real live person!

What's better? REAL physical mail! I think the obsession started when I was about 8 in a week-long summer camp. Every day we'd gather outside the mess hall for mail call. In order to receive your mail, you had to sing. Yup, in front of all the campers. Usually there were at least 5 others with mail, so it wasn't a solo. And, it wasn't that bad--when you're 8, you don't mind singing silly songs publicly...I still don't!

This continued into adulthood when I was at college and got care packages. Then when I moved to Alaska. More care packages, which were worth their weight in treasure, because I had to walk or bike 3 miles round trip to get the mail, and I lived on an island, so most 'goodies' were waaayyy overpriced.

Now, well into my adult years, I still love going to get the mail. I sometimes postpone trips into town and leaving the house so that I do not have to wait until later that night to check my mail. Sad? I mean waiting for mail doesn't make me late for appointments or anything too catastrophic, but I am genuinely bummed on federal holidays where there is no mail!

This year it's been wedding and baby mail. Cards. Diapers. Baby accessories. A crib! Even things that I have paid for are exciting when they come in a big box with my name on it! It's no surprise what's inside...but I'm still thrilled. It's even better when it's an impromptu letter from a friend or my mom.

So, I'm proud to say that I still use and love snail mail. I'm also proud to admit that this simple pleasure in life still keeps me smiling! It's one of those little things that ROCK! I'm excited to get the Little Bug excited about mail too! I recently told grandma that I was really excited for him to send her things like a stick of gum or a friendship bracelet--things that are big-time to kids and adorable to the recipients!

Don't be afraid to smile on the way to the mailbox tomorrow. It Saturday!! That means in most places, YOU'VE GOT MAIL!


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