Fire on the Farm!

Ahh, spring. A time of crisp breezes, a time for babies, a time to kiss the winter cabin fever feelings goodbye! Sunshine, daffodils, Pussy Willows, and fawns! And for me, a time to light my field on fire. :)

Every March (and this includes last March when the bug was 2 weeks old) hubs and I light off 60 acres of our 112 acre property. This is one of the highlights of spring. As some of you know, I used to be a firefighter (woods, not houses) for my career. I loved it. So when I smell smoke it ignites some nostalgic happiness in me, and I am invigorated. I take that drip torch and either walk or ride around, lighting up the land and sky. It makes me very happy.

Our land is grass. So each winter the snow matts it down and burning it off makes rejuvenation of the landscape quicker and easier. (The new sprouts don't have to fight an inch of dead stuff). It has also attracted Sandhill Cranes to our land, which couldn't make me happier! The bluebirds love it too! So, since I'm not only a pyro, but a bird nerd too, from my time as a Wildlife Biologist, this delights me!

Since we had a very mild and relatively snow-free winter, the burning restrictions are coming fast. The window of opportunity was very small to accomplish our task, so we ended up doing it the night before Little Bugs birthday. I was one busy mama that week. We had 3 of our friends come help us--the extra people (and extra fourwheeler) were very helpful and we pulled off our most successful burn in the 4 years we've been doing it. These guys are from my old fire crew, so it was like old times burning with them! They also still work with my hubs, since he's a forester and all that natural resources work is related and is a small community of people. We met at work for those of you that didn't know that.

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  1. We burn our fields in Kansas, too, and it's not only beneficial....but really fun and a great social get-together! Loved this post