Manic Mommy Monday - Birthday 2012

Here we are again, Monday. For us, Mondays mean Water Aerobics in the morning and Baby and Me in the afternoon. We've just gotten back home from my parents house and big birthday celebrations! I'm trying to get excited about 10:30 pm laundry duties and unpacking, etc. But, it's not happening. So, I'm blogging--ahead of time! Yes! Generally I read "I'm scheduling this for posting" (especially on TGM haha) and I think, 'wow, she's got it together.' Finally, I'm not procrastinating!

Little Bugs birthday is the 15th. We started celebrating that day (Birthday 2012: Phase 1) by going to a park, DQ, and having a nice, fun family day outside. Just the 3 of us. Then he saw his auntie (who was on spring break) and whom he has not seen in 3 months.

Friday, we ate cake and opened some presents. As soon as we woke up, hubs and I were in the bathroom brushing our teeth, about 5 feet from the couch and the presents, and only gone for about 2 minutes, when we heard a distinct "rippppp." Yep, the Bug had acquired a talent for opening presents we had yet to see, since he didn't really have an interest in unwrapping during Christmas. So, apparently, he was ready for his gifts! It was a hilarious start to Birthday 2012: Phase 2.

At my parents, we had a hard time sleeping 3 deep in a full-size bed. On the 2nd night, Travis slept in my little brother's room. He was out partying with friends and wouldn't be using it, and between the whining of the boy when dad or I would get in his space and the snoring from his dad, I was all for the separate beds!

We got to see his first sandbox experience, on my parents back deck. Bug thought it was way more fun to throw toys off the deck than play in the sand. I never thought we'd ever have an outdoor deck party in March, but it was gorgeous. We all got some color! The bonus of early spring = no bugs! [Though coming home to tick-covered dogs kind of deflated my no-bug happiness].

We took lots of strolls with grandma pushing the stroller--Bug loved it. He went through a huge baby-wearing ONLY phase and hated the stroller. Apparently, that's back on the table & mama can jog. No more excuses!

He got so many nice presents from family. We now have a 6 volt fourwheeler zipping around the house. What's really funny is that not only did our one-year-old pick up fourwheeling instantly (after being a 'baby' about getting on his Bounce and ride last week) but he decided he's a trick rider and sits backwards and often stands to ride it. Such a boy!!! His uncle, grandpa, and parents happen to LOVE fourwheeling, so he comes by it honestly.

Now, I've never heard of a kiddo who didn't LOVE their personal birthday cake (we kept sweets away from him & were food nazis for a long time--he didn't get anything 'fun' until 11 months). Little Bug got 2 cakes. Didn't really like either of them, even cried. I was shocked. He's a foodie like his mama, so I figured we be cleaning up crumbs and that's it. I made chocolate fudge/marble cake with chocolate frosting. It was the shape of a bear. Well, cat but turned bear when I was finished. He didn't like the feel of the frosting sticking to his hands. So he fed me some cake then cried. He does LOVE ice cream cake though. So, he did inherit some of my terrible eating habits.

I only teared up once about my little baby being a big boy. I thought that was pretty good! All in all it was a perfect first birthday bash, the only problem is so far, I cannot find my camera. I know it's there, it's not lost, however, I am still trying to sift through our belongings, gifts, laundry, & random junk from my car.

So, I'm hoping to have pics up for this post. But for now, snuggling into bed with my hubby, reading a favorite author, and hoping to catch a few Zzz's before the first feeding and subsequent rest of the night in bed with the big boy.

**Pictures to come after I find my camera.......**


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