A monDAY in the Life.... MMM #1

What a perfect way to start this blog event----my INTRO will be next Monday!! LOL Should have scheduled a post, BUT was so tired, so I went to bed at almost the same time as hubby last night! Okay, this is particularly awesome, because the hub and I RARELY go to bed @ the same time. He goes BY 10 pm and I LOVE that hour between 10-11pm when Bug is asleep (and before he wakes for some boob) and dad is asleep too. It's MOMMYTIME! I have an application due today, about 3/4 complete, I'm teaching my 8th class of Water Aerobics today & leaving the Bug with grandpa for 2 hours.

UPDATE: Little Bug missed his morning nap, got to eat a chocolate chip cookie with his banana, and didn't get a diaper change. But, at least he WAS happy playing and was smiley when I got home. And I did see a Coyote on my drive home. :) Bonus!

Then I will come home, shower, hopefully finish the application, get my shopping list together, drive to Mommy & Me, and I usually do Zumba Mondays, but thats taken a hit since I started 'working' teaching aerobics. Bah! Right now I'm hunting & pecking lefthanded with a broken H key, nursing the Little Bug. So, I will be back, with 2 hands to fill in the details here & plan supper too.... A very MANIC MOMMY MONDAY indeed!!!

UPDATE: I managed a shower while Little Bug took a SHORT nap at noon, and then fed us both. Taking a quick 5 to update this post so it's a little more interesting! I DID drop off my payroll stuff (which they said on the 5th to get paid the 15th) and I'm glad I got it dropped off, but still won't get paid til the end of the month. Oh well, ONE LESS THING to do! Still finishing the application -- using a MAC w/out Microsoft. So, need to switch to our dinosaur PC upstairs to get the documents uploaded. But THAT pc is too slow to multi-task, and I can't stand only doing ONE thing at a time! LOL. So, I am juggling a few technology issues while deciding what laptop to go with (I've been saving!) and suggestions are WELCOME on what to get! I only have about $600 to spend. I have made a grocery list that includes a lot of chocolate! :) hmmm...a stress eater you think? I always love going to Mommy & Me, and Little Bug does too. So, all for now. Stay tuned for the PM update. See just how crazy the day got. Oh...it's also snowy and blowy and I had no idea it was going to do this! Can't they RECALL weather like they do kids' products?!?!?! 26 mile drive in snow, so I should try to leave early. Bahahaha!

PM UPDATE: Phew! We survived this Monday. Bring it on next week! I submitted the application, I hit 2/3 of my grocery/errands, we had an eventful Mommy & Me class. We even saved $16 with coupons. It's not extreme, but we don't need 1,200 bottles of Grape Powerade and 46 bottles of Tobasco! Bug is in bed & mommy gets to surf the net and blog a bit! :) HAPPY MONDAY!!!


  1. Definitely feeling you on the Mania in your home this week! LOL.

  2. Wow, busy day! I hope you get a nice chill out later. Aly x