Meet the Manic Mommy Adventurer MMM #2

\It was too manic last Monday so I am retro-actively posting my intro today. :) Cuz I can. Haha. Well, I'm a 26 year-old mama to one cool dude who turns ONE YEAR OLD this week!!! My husband and I had our first date, which was skydiving about 4 1/2 years ago. I've also taken him on dates like adventuring up a wild Alaskan river, digging for garnets in an old quarry, and snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean. :)

I cannot believe my little boy -- "Little Bug" is already a year old. I can remember being miserably pregnant, with swollen club feet and stretch marks, having Gestational Diabetes and a GIANT baby. It wasn't all bad, in fact, all of that was a good trade to feel the Bug kicking my belly. But, I won't lie I wasn't one of those moms that ADORED every pregnant moment, and I don't know if I am looking forward to #2 or not.

(making his way to the outhouse on our property!)

We live on a hobby farm in Minnesota. We have horses, geese, chickens, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and once in a while a Timberwolf ventures onto the property. We also have 120 acre deer hunting & farming getaway about 20 minutes from our home. It's our little house on the prairie. I'm trying to talk my husband into getting a milk cow or two.

Speaking of milk cow, I have been breastfeeding for nearly a year, and I had set that a goal for us, but I do not see it ending anytime soon. We all enjoy it. Everyone says 'breastfeeding is so hard' but I really think that I'd be going crazy trying to figure out how to make bottles! And, I have such a healthy little lad, I can't help but give breastmilk credit for a lot of that! So, I'm a big supporter and advocate of breastfeeding.

I love sweets. I love Chocolate the most. I also love GOOD coffee---and by this I mean I'm a total coffee snob. I WILL drink almost anything, but, if I am to buy it, I prefer ordering it directly from Costa Rica and Guatemala. I guess I see it as no different than preferring Grey Goose to Silver Wolf vodka, for those that like a cocktail. I also LOVE to travel. I have done really crazy BUT amazing things while abroad. Surfing. Backpacking a small country by myself. Using the language of a country WAY out of context and wrong, but trying nonetheless. Meeting people. Ziplines. White-water rafting. Wading through a small river known to have crocs now & then with my backpack on my head. Researched Sea Turtles. Slept with Giant spiders. Ugh! Held some weird monkey. I LOVE TRAVEL!!!

I used to be many things. I used to be a wildland firefighter. I used to be a wildlife biologist. A night auditor. A naturalist. A literacy tutor. A dispatcher. Unemployed. A student. A personal trainer. A florist. A housekeeper. Being a MOM is by far the most demanding, hardest, most trying job I've ever had. I love it.

I am supporter of green living. I try to get greener each day. Sometimes I relapse. But I try. We heat our house with firewood that WE go and cut. We recycle, but FIRST we REUSE! Everyone forgets about that R! We compost. We harvest 80% of our own meat. We do buy pork occasionally for a treat. My parents got us 1/4 cow for Christmas. Otherwise, we eat Elk, Venison, Chicken (that we raise), grouse, pheasant, fish (that we catch), occasionally moose, bear, or crayfish. On one rare occasion, Caribou, which I love. We also grow a garden each year. We hang our clothes in the summer, which I am excited for! Nothing like a SUNNED diaper! :) I use cleaners, that is my weakness--vinegar is sick. I can't stand it, so I use bleach, which gives my olfactory the signal of cleanliness, even if it's mostly psychological!

I try to read to the Bug everyday. He is a physical brute, so he doesn't sit long. But, we keep at it. We have been baby signing for MONTHS, like since 6 months. And so far, maybe a nursing sign once or twice, more once and that's about it. I use baby 'wearing' carriers but also LOVE my jogging stroller. We have 2 frame backpacks, and those get the most use.

He is "Little Bug" because of a phase we went through for bedtime routine. "Snug as a bug in a rug." Each night as I swaddled him up. Then it REALLY stuck when he started clinging to us ALL THE TIME around 9 months old, so I called him my "Stick Bug" and when he pooped, my "Stink Bug."

His hat was too big. This is Bug 3 days old on the way home from the hospital. I loved this pic.

Both my parents and my husbands live within 2 hours of us, and the Bug is the FIRST grandchild on either side. He is so spoiled. I'm glad that he (and they) get the time to bond and interact. Not everyone is so lucky. I also have a pretty big network of friends and acquaintances in our area--from work, Mommy groups, & my Aerobics class.

So, there it is. We are a small family of first-timers and we screw up a lot. Like everyday. But we do our best. I try to listen to my 'mommy signals.' I try to involve Bug's dad. I try to also maintain my identity, which so far was lagging behind everything else, but this blog has really helped. It's like my online wo-man cave. And I love it.


  1. Skydiving would be so exciting! And such a memorable first date. My husband refuses to go although I would like to someday. Happy birthday to your little one!

    Stopping by from Manic Mommy Monday. Now following on GFC, Linky Followers, and Networked Blogs.

  2. "So, there it is. We are a small family of first-timers and we screw up a lot. Like everyday."

    Us too, mama, us too!

    You've done so much cool stuff!