Naked Time

The Little Bug LOVES to be naked. And, honestly he's an adorable kid to watch (all the time) but he really gets wound up when he doesn't have the confines of clothing holding him back! He's mastered walking and RUNS after his kitties when he's in the buff. Well, he does wear his amber necklace...

We recently had a bad diaper rash, so he's been naked a lot, airing out the bum. This was a big lesson for mom in many things.

1) Naked little boy babies pee everywhere. Which is okay, since we are starting to potty train. See my post on EC to read more there...

2) You should strip diapers that you buy used. Duh. It seems so obvious now, after the diaper rash... I 'prepped' about 6 diapers that I had bought used in a mommy diaper forum that is statewide, so semi-local. So, I did more than a normal wash routine on them, but looking back I cannot believe I didn't think to strip the 'unknowns' before with our dipes! This was our first diaper rash that was more than a nickel in size and didn't go away with a dab of diaper ointment (which we use with a disposable diaper, of course!). It was also the first rash that I think was yeast driven. I will spare all the details, but it was gross. (I had never seen white-topped raised bumps EVER on my kids' bum). It has not only taught me to strip (see my post on Stripping Adventures) but also has made me pretty leery for the moment on used dipes.

3) When Little Bugs pee on the kitchen floor, unknowing moms slip and fall on their asses in said pee.

4) Little boys that run around naked also POO on the floor. And it NEVER seems to be on the linoleum or hardwood. Always on a light-colored rug or the new carpet.

5) The potty is a great toy to take apart and play with (after being sanitized, of course!) but since we started potty training has seen very little pee. Or poop. But, the floor 6" away has had a lot of action.

So, now after 7 days out of cloth, a trip to the doc, stripping all of our stash, and lots of elimination adventures, we are cured and back in cloth. I just feel like such a dope of a mom for not knowing to strip the dipes beforehand. I hope this will help a few mamas 'new' to cloth--see our 'cloth story'
! Luckily, I took him out of the cloth right away, so only about 5 diapers were affected, but I still took the opportunity to treat our whole stash.

Look for my review of RLR Laundry Treatment, coming soon!

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  1. I love hoe real and funny your writing style is.. "3) When Little Bugs pee on the kitchen floor, unknowing moms slip and fall on their asses in said pee." HAHA! I'm a follower and would love a follow back =)