Oodie Bums Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

Today, I bring to you Oodie Bums! Oodie Bums is owned and operated by an awesome Canadian WAHM, Lindsay, who was kind enough to provide me with a diaper to review, and also one to giveaway! Oodie Bums offers One Size Cloth diapers--awesome because they grow with your child--from 8-35+lbs. Oodie Bums inventory includes: pocket diapers, fitted diapers and AIO's. Accessories are also available, including: Fleece Soakers, luxurious turned and top-stiched cloth wipes, Bamboo Inserts and OS hybrid covers. This WAHM has it all, in her Etsy store!

How It Shakes Out:
Daytime: 5
Nighttime: 4
User-Friendliness: 5
Quality: 5
When All is Said and Done: 4.5

Here is the Oodie Bum on it's smallest setting, next to a size Small diaper. (We never had any newborn diapers for our big boy!) Oodies are ONE Size pocket diapers with adjustment snaps to grow with your child. As you can see, it snaps down really small! 8-35 lbs!

Daytime: During the daytime we loved this fun diaper & had no issues. No leaks after the insert was prepped. The insert is one-size, snapping organic cotton. It takes a few washes to get the natural oils out of the organic cotton, but after that, it is super absorbent. The material is way soft, it is the only insert I have that is quite like it and I love it. There are 3 different snap settings to customize the diaper to your kiddos needs. I LOVE that there is a smaller opening to stuff than some other pockets. It keeps the insert in place very well & doesn't allow it to hang out of the backside of the diaper, but is still easy to use. I have many different types/brands of pockets but the ones that remain my favorites are the ones with the smaller openings for stuffing.

The Little Bug is a heavy wetter. So, we are in a perpetual search for a night diaper. I needed to stuff this diaper with another bamboo insert, the single insert provided, though very absorbent, was not enough for him at night. I have never been able to go with only a single insert at night though, so it wasn't too surprising. With the provided insert and a bamboo insert, we had no nighttime leaks. Even with 2 inserts the diaper was still quite trim. It should work for a newborn or young baby at night though. For this one year-old, it's tough to find a dipe to get us through the night.

Here is the inside of the diaper and the insert.

User Friendliness: Bug's dad grabbed this diaper and figured it out without a tutorial. That speaks volumes to the ease of use of this diaper! And, like I already stated, the smaller pocket is a plus for me. I love knowing once I stuff it, no matter how hard we play it's not going to bunch and hang out the back. The snaps are easy for us to use and not easy enough for our guy to pull off the diaper. We really enjoyed this fluff.

Here is a close up of the snaps and the texture of the soft organic cotton of the insert after it has been prepped.

Nice, snug leg elastic to keep messes in without making red marks or being too tight.

Quality: The PUL used in the pocket is a great thickness and it seems very durable. The craftsmanship of the diaper was great and it felt like good quality fabric. The snaps are really high quality and are easy for parents to use but not so easy that the babe can get them unfastened. Even the presentation of the diaper when I received it was commendable, Lindsay had a cute band holding the diaper and insert together, with all of the pertinent information for care and use. The elastic is holding strong and seems like a good balance between being tight enough with good efficacy (especially around the legs) and not being too tight, as to leave red marks and be uncomfortable. This is a really high-quality diaper.

When It's All Said and Done:
I love the color-coordinating patterns of the fabric that is used on the wings of the diaper, and the main body of the diaper. The one I am reviewing has a super cute azure blue colored background with matching tabs that feature squirrels and acorns! SUPER Love it!

The diaper is a great daytime and even naptime diaper for us, we just needed to add another insert for night. I am very confident that we will get a LOT of use out of this diaper because of the sizable snapping options and because the diaper is made of high quality materials. All in all, the diaper scored a 4 with us, simply due to the overnight factor, and we have YET to find an overnight diaper that would score a 5! So, we're happy with our experience and would definitely recommend Oodie Bums to everyone (new to cloth or veteran!

Buy It! And, Lindsay was super generous by not only offering up a diaper to WIN but she is also giving readers 10% off now THROUGH APRIL!!! Use the code REVIEW10 starting 3/30/2012 in her shop to save 10% off your orders! Thank you Lindsay!

Here is a chance for one LUCKY reader to WIN a sweet Oodie Buns Cloth Diaper for your stash!!! Super cute giraffes! I love this print too!

**Disclosure: These are 100% my words and opinions. I was not paid to complete this review; I did however receive a complimentary product for review purposes.**



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