Peeptree Cloth Wipes Review

Today I have a review and giveaway by the creative and generous Jodi, from Peeptree. Peeptree features handmade items including baby blankets, burp cloths, cloth wipes, stuffed animals, and more! Check out the Peeptree website or find them on Etsy.

Jodi sent me samples of five different wipes she makes. All of her items are unique and handmade. She uses many different techniques and materials when making a fun and funky product for you! Jodi also tries to make things that are useful and often uses repurposed materials when she can! We love green shops in this household! I used the Peeptree wipes with my Monkey Doodlez Wipe Cubes.

There were many different sizes and textures. I have been using them all -- some are better for bums, others for face and hands. I plan to use them for my kitchen as well, to accomplish my next goal of ditching the paper products there!

After using all of them, I determined I like this one best!

[Dino Wipe] This wipe was a great size (7 1/2" x 12") for wiping and then folding over and wiping again---I got 4 'swipes' out of this wipe! The print side is cotton and the white side is made from a single ply flat diaper, doubled up and sewn to the print. The material is a bit like cheesecloth in texture, so it has some 'grab' and friction to use on the pasty messes, but is still very soft to the touch for sensitive skin on baby bums. I loved this wipe!

[Green Polka Dot Wipe] This wipe was a great size too (7 1/2" x 12 1/2") cotton on the print side and cotton flannel on the other side. It was also a really good size, I think I doubled 3 times on this one in one use during a diaper change. It's great for wiping up after a wet diaper or use on messy hands and face. Cotton flannel would be an awesome pair with muslin, the single ply diaper (cheesecloth-like material), or terry cloth. Though it is super soft on the sensitive baby bum, I usually end up smearing around the poo or using MANY wipes to get the job done these days. I have a super wiggly and somewhat impatient diaper change victim, so others may have better luck than me! It would be a great newborn wipe and good for breastfed poops that aren't too sticky, but for my toddler, it's not quite enough 'grab.' However, it's soft--so it works great for faces and sticky fingers.

[Sport Terry Wipe] This wipe was really great for cleaning up poo too! I like the size of the wipe (8" x *"8) and it is square instead of rectangular. The combination of this size wipe and the terry cloth texture, which grabs more, makes the smaller wipe still quite effective and less cumbersome in your hand. This is a great toddler wipe. It's a fun, boyish pattern, and it gets the job done. I wouldn't recommend it for newborn bums, at least not until you wash it 3-5 times, to soften it up a bit.

[Green Wipe] This wipe was a smaller size (10" x 5 1/2") and was a cotton green-colored batik material on one side and a cotton flannel on the other side (it has very pale yellow and white stripes on the flannel side, hard to see in the picture). This was another wipe that I love for faces and hands, but was too smooth for my toddlers bum. It worked great for wiping clean after a pee diaper, so I still keep it with my changing station supplies, but again, I like more 'grab' for the messy diapers. The cotton batik material was really a cool print. It looks like lime green with darker green spray painted on top, very cool appearance.

[Fish Stamp] This wipe was my favorite print and the smallest size (6" x 5 1/2"). Jodi hand-stamped the muslin side with a cute fish/sun print. 2 symbols that are very 'me' -- so I fell in love with this one instantly! I really liked the muslin better than cotton or cotton flannel and had never tried that material before. It held wipe solution really well and saturated easily when wet with the wipe cube spray. The cotton flannel side was super soft. I really like that it was hand-stamped--I felt kind of bad wiping poo with such a work of art!! (I think I may have to retire this wipe from baby duty and use it as my MAMA washcloth for washing my face!) Very creative and fun! It will definitely brighten my morning to see the little fish print!

These wipes were so fun to try out! I loved that each one was unique (as promised!) and that they helped me in my goal of greening up my house! I actually really like having an entire arsenal of different materials to cope with each individual mess! I will continue to use some in the diaper changing arena, but I plan to phase paper products out of our kitchen in the coming months, so these will come in handy there too. We are on a tight budget, since I'm at home and not in the workforce, so switching to reusable wipes will benefit us financially. I have talked with my husband about going to cloth in our bathroom, but we are both still in agreement at this point in time that baby poo is way less offensive than our own poo. Maybe we will explore that option in the future.....if we do, I'll know where to go for a wide array of colors, textures, sizes and prints!

You too can enjoy cloth wipes! Try them out with a great wipe cube, like Monkey Doodlez, and you'll be on your way to a greener life--with style, thanks to Jodi and her cool creations at Peeptree. I was a hard one to convert, and I'm not 100% cloth yet (I still admit to having disposables in my wetbag for travel), but, my Peeptree wipes made the transition much easier!

And now for the giveaway!!! Someone will be fortunate enough to WIN 3 of these great wipes [your choice]! You don't have to have children to use them! They work great for wiping up messes in the kitchen, bathroom, for dusting---anything! Think green--even a few less paper towels used in your home means a greener lifestyle! OR a few cents that you save by re-using!!



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