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This week, I'd like to share with all of you A Prairie Home Companion, with Garrison Keillor. It's truly an amazing program on most public radio stations. It airs live on Saturday night at 5pm and on Sunday morning, a repeat of the show is on at 11 am.

I was fortunate enough to see these guys LIVE this winter, and it was such a fun experience! The sound effects are made by one man, largely without any equipment! He does use a cupboard door for hinge sound effects, and some wood blocks for footsteps, paper for well, the sound of paper....but it's very cool that one dude can produce so many noises and then have those noises illustrate in our minds the intended pictures! This is RADIO folks!

Garrison has said many times on the show that he is autistic. This is so inspiring for those out there that share the affliction. He's so talented! And hey, anyone that can rock a suit and red kicks that is over 50 (or under actually!) is pretty sweet. His voice is full of charisma. And think about it...he ENTERTAINS live every week! Not even the most famous of rock stars do that!

A little piece of history in the making, APHC is a great listen if you love lore, sattire, and just plain GOOD comedy. Garrison does bits like 'News from Lake Woebegone' and 'Guy Noir' as regular parts of the show. So, lend you ears RIGHT now if you are in the central time zone! Find a PR station and sit back with a cup of Joe for an AMAZING radio program! You will be glad you did


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