Talk the Talk

I know you are not supposed to compare babies. Each one is original. Each one develops at his or her own pace. Blah blah. I'm definitely not lining up at 'cutest baby' contests or starting each thought with "my baby is better than yours!" but I am a little concerned, also a little disappointed. Now before you gather a lynching party, you must know that I'm not in any way ashamed or anything crazy, just bummed that my kiddo is a late bloomer of sorts in the spoken word.

Words are my life. They kind of have to be when you're a writer or blogger. Bug has said (and understood the meaning of 'kitty' since he was like 9 months old. That was his first word. It remains the only word that we are 100% sure he knows and says. He says 'ma' and variations of 'ma' during sleepy, crabby, sad, or ouchie times, and more in the evening. He says 'da' and all of it's variations during the daytime, happy times, and while playing.

I've been pointing to everything lately, teaching him words for objects. And you know what he does? He points. It's almost comical and I'm trying to keep it all in my head, because I don't want to be like a crazy 'dance mom' but with words! I want him to do it at his own pace, I just want to also make sure I have provided a good learning environment!

Signing isn't really working either. We've been at it since nearly 6 months of age. He bangs his hands on the tray of the highchair when he wants more. He grunts when he's hungry. He puts his hands up for kitty. These are HIS signs, which is really cool, I just am so ready to communicate more openly with my Bug! He did do the nurse sign once, but I am not sure if it was a fluke or understanding. He doesn't really wave bye-bye. I know he understands. From being with him nearly 24/7 (and because I'm his mama) I just know when he understands and what he is trying to communicate.

So I talk. I wait. I listen more closely. At this point I think I'd be proud as a peacock (peafowl, since I'm a lady) if he said "Shit!" Really. I just want to hear his wonderful little voice. I keep telling the people that ask me "What is he saying now" that he is taking his time talking. After all, he was early on all things physical. And, I have a friend in the 'why' stage with her toddler, so I keep telling myself to enjoy this time. And I do.


  1. Hi! I completely understand your frustrations. My 21 month old has a good vocabulary, but he doesn't talk as often as I would like. I attribute this to the on going binky battle we are having.

    I imagine that you feel a mixed bag of emotions about the lack of talking. While it is true that all children develop at their own rate, that doesn't really make it easier for Mom. I find myself becoming paranoid about my son and his lack of interest in talking. I wonder if he is developing at a normal rate. It drives me insane, and I find myself up half of the night several times a week, researching the subject, and making notes of techniques to try.

    Hang in there, I admire that you are mature enough to admit that you feel disappointment.
    I am sure that your little one will be chatting up a storm before you know it!

    Have you discussed this with your pediatrician? If not, I think it is worth mentioning. It will ease your mind as to what is normal and if there is a reason your little one isn't talking maybe the doctor will have a few suggestions for you!

    By the way, I stopped by from the Booty Buns Event!

  2. I am sure you ahve heard that every child learns at different ages. My daughter will be 1 on the 24 and isn't walking yet. I had a friend who, her son didn't talk until he was 3 and by golly he just started rattleing off like crazy. I understand comparing, i think if more moms were honest we all compare with different things. My 2.5 isn't potty trained yet and all my others were by the time they were 2 dissappointing yes but what am I to do, she just isn't coperating. You could talk to your pediatritian or just wait it out. I mean if he is doing great in everything else, I'd wait.

    1. I went through that same thing. My daughter started crawling at 7 months, and looked like she would be walking within weeks! At 13 months old, she finally started walking. When a friend of mine whose baby is 3 months younger said her daughter took 6 steps, I was kind of jealous I guess. But I took it in stride, she got around just find.

      She has her own way of doing things, and has never really signed anything for me. But she communicates a ton! She talks a lot now at 17 months, and has always talked a lot, but I hear that same friend from above part of my comment get a little frustrated that her daughter doesn't talk at all now at 15 months. They all are so unique and that's what makes being a mommy so much fun!

  3. I remember waiting for my daughter to say her first word. It was flower. She had to have been around 13 months or so. She signed before that though, intermittently anyway, she had a lot of her own signs too. I understand your frustration!

  4. I understand this frustration completely! my little on will be 1 saturday and ONLY says dada. He has been walking since 9 months old and is perfectly developed in every other area. He just doesn't speak. Guess we can't have everything. It really bummed me out at first but I have learned to be ok with it. things will come in time. But I also JUST learned of his "lip tie" situation and apparently it "can" cause delayed speech. No gurantee but a possibility so now I have a new found worry =[ Hope your little one starts talking soon! he may be one to go from 1 word to 10 out of no where!

  5. My son turned two years old last week and only says "yes". We are supposed to have him evaluated for speech now. I am rather frustrated at the idea of an assessment because he has neen a bit behind since birth but he always catches up. He wouldn't eat solids until nearly a year and didn't walk until 16 months. And he is small as well. I feel he will catch up without therapy.
    hugs mama. I understand the concern. There are a lot of expectations and we feel bad when our kids are not ahead or at least right on schedule.