Cloth Diapering 101: How I got started - Trial Programs - Real Diaper Week Day #1

Wow! Day One of the Great Cloth Diaper Change Blog Hop for "Real Diaper Week" is here!


So, lets talk about Cloth Diapering 101. For me this meant the first time it occurred to me that cloth was an option for diapering.

I was 8 months pregnant before I even THOUGHT to try cloth diapers. I had no idea what BumGenius or Fuzzibunz were. I would have probably assumed if you had mentioned those brands in conversation, that you were talking about your childs prize winning rabbits in 4-H.

I was at a Le Leche League meeting and an acquaintance was talking with another gal about all sorts of terms and things that seemed foreign to me. But, interested, I eavesdropped. "He's in Happy Heiny's right now." She pulled back the waistband of her boys' pants to reveal a light green fabric with little brown bears on it. "I love bamboo inserts," the other gal said. (This went on, back and forth for a few minutes.) Finally, I hauled my pregnant self over to them and asked what in the world they were talking about. "Cloth diapers!" I pondered for a moment. The notion of cloth had literally not struck my pregnant brain that entire 8 months... Crap! I'd been reading all about Preclampsia and Gestational Diabetes and crib recalls and birthing stories...I did not see anything about cloth diapering! So, naturally I asked my friend how she started, said I'd like to "try it" but I didn't know if I'd like it... I was very curious, but it seemed too late to think of it as a realistic possibility. She recommended something called Jillian's Drawers to me. She hadn't used it, but had heard of it. It was "some kind of trial program."

So, naturally, I waddled home and googled. Up popped Jillian's Drawers. I read about the program. There was a plethora of information not only about cloth diapering, but also great sources for 'mom' goods, baby stuff in general, gift registries and tons more. It's a giant site, full of great stuff!

Ultimately, I ended up trying the "Changing Diapers, Changing Minds" Program. For $160.99 ($10 of that is shipping) I tried many great diapers. It was the perfect way for me to ease into cloth. The package includes a pocket, some prefolds, a Snappi, a cover, a fitted and a wrap, an AIO, and a few other things too, I believe. You choose girl, boy, or neutral for colors. I chose neutral, planning for future babies. I ended up loving cloth and loving the selection they sent. Some of the diapers I received are still my favorites. Some I've sold.

The cool thing about these programs is that you CAN send them back if you don't like them. Even if they have giant poo stains. You get your actual money back, not just store credit, AND all it cost you to try is shipping. Less than a box of disposables. And, even if you decide to send them back, it has saved a few diapers from the landfills. So, the earth is a little bit better for you having at least given it a try!

This is a picture, 10 months in and about 30 diapers later. This is what the trial system did for me! (And this is a photo on laundry day & does not include prefolds, some covers, & shorties/longies.) Fluffy love.

Now, a 13 months later, my "stash" has everything from prefolds, covers, wraps, AIOs, AI2s, pockets, fitteds, and even wool. I have tried any different name brands and diapers made by WAHMs. I have tried a few different cloth-safe detergents. And now, I am telling others about cloth, writing reviews that are honest and thorough--hoping to help other mamas make informed decisions and encourage cloth use, and even hosting giveaways so lucky mamas can win some fluff!! We all know fluff mail is fun mail!

Proudly, I even have these in my stash now:

I'm now 99% on board with cloth wipes. I still keep a small container of disposable ones for the grand parents.

I feel like a program such as this one eliminates the possibility of having a 'bad experience' with one type or brand of diaper. I think buying a stash of one certain style or brand straightaway MAY work for some, but for me it would have been foolish. As my cloth-diapering confidence as evolved and as my boy gets older and changes, I've liked the versatility of my stash. Having tried several things made me well-informed when I needed to make future purchases.

There are other programs just like this one out there. Just Google it. I know of 20 other programs, not including the one I used. I highly recommend this route, especially if you have few friends that have CD'd or if you don't have a large pool of people to ask your questions. I really like the idea of used diapers too, once you've got the hang of it, but the hassle of stripping & all of the extra worry when you're already a stressed-out mama in the beginning can be overwhelming.

How the Tides Have Turned:
I've even noticed the go-to diapers I started out with, are now my 'laundry day' diapers! I gave away a Snappi from that trial program to a friend whose family was going to do missions work in the Patagonia region of South America, thinking I'd never use it. There was no way I'd use prefolds. I sold my Thristies fitted--cheap. Thinking fitteds were ridiculous & were drenched after an hour---why would anyone use these? Now, I miss that Snappi and the fitted. In talking to other cloth advocates and addicts, I see the same trend. They start with pockets and slowly move toward fitteds and covers and then go for the wool before investing in trainers or just potty learning outright. Or they stick with prefolds and covers through and through. They even have cloth diapers at Target now! In store and online. I'd say that's a pretty huge change for cloth!

So, that's my 101 for you. It's a great place to start. You will learn so much as you go! Make sure to keep checking back for more posts during "Real Diaper Week" and all year long, as I chronicle OUR adventure in cloth.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! If you like what you've read, stick around, you'll see A LOT of green, cloth friendly, and just plain fun posts here at Adventures of Mommyhood this week! And next week too!

**Jillian's Drawers did not ask me, pay me, or may not even be aware of this shameless plug for their program!**

As always, these words are my own. I hope this has helped you in some way, and if not, feel free to move on with life as usual! :)

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  1. Great topic - I love that you tried a rental program to get started! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop.

  2. When I was pregnant I contemplated a diaper trial. But I didn't like the selections. I didn't think I would like prefolds or fitteds. Luckily there is a cloth diaper store in my city so I had the chance to touch real diapers and that helped me decide what I wanted.