Day #5 - Real Diaper Week - Cloth Diaper with a Wanderlust

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Travel with cloth! (And enjoy it!)

We travel like crazy with cloth. I have TEN tips to make it more enjoyable.


1) have a wetbag just for travel

2) have a small tote or diaper pail in the back of your vehicle to put the wetbag in, when it is full of stinky, used diapers. Also a hanging wet bag that is enormo would be nice for the bathroom of the destination spot.

3) Ditch the pants when you can. This makes the kiddo more comfortable and it breathes a little better when stuck in the carseat for long hours on the road.

4) I use a wipes box from disposable wipes and keep 5-10 pre-wetted in that box wipe out and about. (Just in case it's not a bathroom where I change Bug or no water is available)

5) Cloth safe detergent stays in my travel bag. Small packets of RnG or a small bottle of Allen's Naturally is perfect for stays at the grandparents houses or a hotel. Don't forget you may need a few extra quarters if you're going to be using public laundry for the extra rinse.

6) Parachute cord. Why, you may ask? Drying. (for the more long-term vacations and stays. You can string up parachute cord even in a hotel room, and then you don't have to worry about drying in a public dryer (where there could be fabric softener residue) and it will cost less. Just hang the diapers at night or while you're out adventuring, and come back to a clean travel stash!

7) I've never tried flushable liners, but that's one way to go, especially for poops. And if you aren't a dunker.

8) Flats and Prefolds can be washed in the sink or bathtub. The is especially handy for travel abroad. We haven't diapered abroad, but I've done plenty of laundry abroad in sinks. So I'd definitely go that route if I were going somewhere far, far away. Flats will dry the fastest, especially in humid climates.

9)If you are going to a city with a diaper service, really relax on vacation, and let someone else do your dirty diaper laundry! A little PREsearch goes a long way!

10) Strip before and after! If you strip before, you'll reduce smells of inserts and dirty laundry by at least a little bit. Stripping after (especially if you used public laundry) will get rid of any buildup from the unknowns that may have gotten onto your diapers and because of additional "sit time" in between laundry.

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  1. Love the parachute cord idea!! I would never have thought of that! Thanks for the tips~

  2. It's how I've done all my laundry abroad! Most developing countries don't have dryers in the tropics if you aren't in a chain hotel (which I never am!) So, it works great!

  3. Wow, great tips! I haven't had to travel yet, but for one overnight (and even that got tricky as I wasn't prepared). This is VERY helpful as we have a trip planned next month! Thank you. :)

  4. I think I would be too afraid to drive long distances with the baby, especially with cloth diapers. Sounds like a hassle to me. (But I'm new to cloth diapers / diapers in general!) Ah, but we don't really have anywhere to go any time soon.

  5. Thanks for the tips! You've got some great ideas!