A Happy Green Life Review - Natural Laundry Wash

This review and giveaway is brought to you generously today by the folks at A Happy Green Life. A Happy Green Life was created in 2012 by two friendly ladies that have been so fabulous to work with! The co-founders, Amanda Wucher-Aller and Kristin Ward were on the hunt for ONE universal detergent which would allow them to use the same product on cloth diapers and regular household laundry--even the tough stuff. I love the idea of stream-lining cleaning! It's good for us, the earth, and is more practical than having to use many different products to complete the same goal.

How It All Shakes Out:

Daytime: 5
Nighttime: 5
User-Friendliness: 5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said & Done: 5

The first element of this company that I found totally endearing was that A Happy Green Life even sent along a cute laundry flakes scoop with the bag of wash! This seems like a tiny addition that might be disregarded as insignificant, but I didn't have a scoop of the right size, so I appreciate their company making sure that every detail is given attention! The very next thing I noticed was when I ripped it open, I smelled a fresh showered sexy man in a bag! The crisp sent was really intoxicating! I don't typically get that reaction to my store-bought brand name detergents!

The clothing post-wash still smells like big sexy man. In fact the description of the scent from the AHGL website is SPOT-ON!! It is as follows:
"A sexy fragrance that will have you screaming, "I want my man to smell like that"! Spicy-sweet blend of French verbena and lemon, a green Florentine iris and violet leaves, and sublime notes of Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. Ooo..laa..laa"
I LOVE IT! I think if there were any girls in Little Bug's Mommy & Me class (besides the Mommies) they'd love it too! I'm going to have to remember to switch scents when he's a teenager! Or when my husband is out-of-town for training! It sort of makes me giggle thinking of those ridiculous deodorant commercials from a year or two ago. You know the ones...the women are throwing themselves at the men because the deodorant makes them smell smashing... This is so good it should be illegal. But it's not illegal. IT'S NATURAL!!

A Happy Green Life laundry wash does not use any soaps, phosphates, or optical bleaching agents. Both my son and I have fair, sensitive skin and it had absolutely no ill effects on us. I used it on everything from cloth diapers to my husbands dirt, oil, and who-knows-what soaked and stained work clothes. It worked great. Any cloth diapering mama knows how picky you tend to be with cloth diapers--well this is a great detergent for your beloved stash! The fragrant aroma of the wash is made using essential and synthetic oils. The wash itself is made from "naturally occuring chemicals and compounds", which include: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Sodium Percarbonate. My husband is hell on clothing. This wash gets his things clean. All of our laundry smells amazing and doesn't have that weird filmy feeling of residue, like what using fabric softener can leave behind. It doesn't have any of the cancer-causing agents that brand name detergents have to "brighten" clothing. There are also no superficial bubbles when you put it into the washing machine--don't let this absence fool you! Bubbles are not required for cleaning--they are a result of the additives. Phew! After learning about all of the things that are NOT in A Happy Green Life's laundry wash, it makes me wonder WHAT ELSE is in the commonly used brands from retailers?! Ick!

You can't beat it for ease of use. One scoop for a regular load & 1/3 of a scoop for cloth diapers. That's it! As for Quality, I feel like this product definitely deserves the 5 that I issued it--and not just for being natural! From the addition of the scoop, to the fact that it really works on our duds and even the added bonus that the zip-lock closure works repeatedly (it drives me crazy when a bags' zip-lock doesn't work!) all spells high-quality to me!

I have about 1/2 a bag of this detergent left after using it on EVERYTHING for almost a month and it's my favorite! I have now found myself 'rationing' it, deciding if I should wash certain less important items in a different detergent, to maximize my enjoyment! Then, I realized...I will just have to order more!

And then...

...I found out about the "Scent of the Month Club." The Scent of the Month Club offers a pay-by-month discounted rate which guarantees you never run out. Because once you try it, you will be afraid of running out! This feeling is akin to knowing that you have enough ice cream in the freezer. It's just something that MUST be there when you need it!

There are over 20 scents to choose from and there are new scents each month! Take for instance, Easter Bunny Burps! How fun is that? It must be just as delicious as Monkey Farts! Most scents are found at their website, while 6 exclusive scents are found at various retailers' stores and websites. They all sound amazing and will be leaving me excited for the next months' scent! If you want to shop around the A Happy Green Life website, you'll find many products.

I just ordered some "Manly Man." I'm really excited to try it! And I was so excited, I went back and ordered Lavender Apple, Country Apple, and Lemongrass Kiwi. So, now I have a really GOOD excuse to actually enjoy doing laundry!

Did you know that they also carry fun household products that are GREEN? Things to help you on your green-up journey, which is currently what my family is trying to do. Go check it out!

If you really like the idea of a natural laundry wash, but cannot make up your mind about scents...order a sample pack!

I'm going to be "spreading the green" this year by giving the laundry wash as gifts to some of my nearest and dearest! And, by giving ONE LUCKY reader a chance to win a bag of their own! Please thank the folks at AHGL for making this giveaway possible! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below!!


**These words are 100% my own. A complimentary item was provided for this review.**


  1. I LOVE A Happy Green Life. We ordered from them a few weeks ago through GreenBabyBargains. My husband insisted on getting Green Irish Tweed, and my son picked out Baby Bee. I LOVE both scents, and putting away laundry takes twice as long because I have to sniff everything (yes, even the cloth diapers!!!) ;)

    1. Oh and I would choose Love Spell for myself, sounds wonderful!!

  2. I like baby bee.

    kristen bobbitt

  3. I can't find a list of their scents, I love anything 'fresh breeze/cottons/linens' VERY COOL!

  4. I'd pick Love Spell or Kiwi Lemongrass. Yum!

  5. kiwi lemongrass! sounds like springtime!

  6. I'd choose blackberry bling bling.

  7. I want to try all of them. :) But, if I had to choose just one I'd choose Water Lily and Jasmine.

  8. Ooo. Vanilla blossom. I love the smell of vanilla