Host Spotlight - The GCDC (Southeast New Mexico & West Texas) - Co-hosted by BUNZUKE & Mandie's Krafty Kreations

Happy Real Diaper Week Everyone!

Today's Host Spotlight features a very popular and creative WAHM named Sara, who is the creator of Bunzuke (bun-zoo-kee) and her super fantastic co-host, Mandie, creator of Mandie's Krafty Kreations, where she sells crocheted hats. These two gals teamed up to cover SE New Mexico and West Texas for their event.

For those of you that haven't heard about Bunzuke (bun-ZOO-kee) Cloth, here is a little bit about Sara and her rapidly growing business:

What started out as making a variety of handcrafted gifts for friends and family, under "The Operation," in March 2011, quickly turned it’s focus to re-usable cloth diapers.

“I started making diapers for my daughter when she was 3 months old. I cut up just about every pair of flannel pajamas and fleece throw blankets in the house for my first diaper stash! I was hooked and began to design, invent, and create completely original cloth diapers.” - Sara Scholl, owner

Bunzuke Cloth is now a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) operated, local business, which specializes in creating custom, boutique-style diapers for a growing customer base all over the world. Along with the unique appearance of Bunzuke Cloth diapers, customers also like the ease of use and versatility of innovative designs, such as the Convertabunz Multi-purpose Cloth Diaper and the option to use “Bunzuke’s” as an all-in-two (AI2) or pocket style diaper.

Every Bunzuke diaper is personally handcrafted and goes through a quality assurance process to make sure you are receiving a top quality product. When it comes to perseverance, customer service, and innovation Bunzuke Cloth strives to remain “One step ahead.”

Sara & Amanda's event will be from 11am-1pm with the change happening at 11:30 am sharp. It is at Sara's small church, Calvary Christian Fellowship, located inside a shopping center. Some of the fun goings-on include refreshments, prizes, baby signs, Cloth Diapering 101 class, Cloth Diaper swap, a "photobooth" room, 2 crafts for the older children, displays, and a nursery available. The idea is for this to be a fun, family event.

The closest location was over 300 miles from Sara last year, which is why she decided to host. Amanda was going to host in Carlsbad and they decided to team up.

According to Sara, planning has not been hard, just very time consuming. They are limiting our participants to 30, due to space, but also to gain experience with a smaller group before expanding. The bulk of her time has been writing e-mails to possible sponsors, witnesses, and helpers. She has also poured a lot of brainwork into planning activities and organizing a schedule.

"I think it is easier for people to have a fun time when there is some well thought out structure to an event like this. No one has to waste brain energy wondering 'what's going on' and 'what do we do now?' They can just hang out with other parents and play with their kids!"

You can tell Sara is really excited about their event! She said that "gathering supplies, making goody bags, and displays is the fun part" and she could hardly wait until the 19th (Thursday) when they were able "get in and start setting up!" This is the kind of energy and attitude that will make that event one that will be super fun to attend! I wish I was in the neighborhood on Saturday to stop by and help break last year's record!

Here is a glimpse at the 'swag bag' that the participating diaper changers and their kiddos will be taking with them from Sara & Mandie's event

Sara was recently featured in her local newspaper too! The article is a good read and it was really nice for me to put a 'face to the woman behind Bunzuke!' Check out her work---she's more than a WAHM...she's an artist!

Good luck to you ladies! Thank you for sharing your event and start-up story with us! 

Are you going to an event? If so---that ROCKS! If not, don't feel left out, keep checking back here at Adventures of Mommyhood on the blog and on Facebook for more fun, host spotlights, and a giveaway! See what will be on Little Bug's Bum! Read about some great companies' with a review or two! 

I realized that an event was right around 300 miles from me this year as well, which is, as many of you have read this week, why I am bringing you these highlights from around the country! Since I could not feasibly make it work for me and my baby this year, I am unofficially hosting this virtual GCDC through Real Diaper Week and through Saturday. There are more 'spotlight showcases' to come, prizes from my "Virtual Swag Bag," and you will see the diaper that I have chosen to grace the bum during my Diaper Change, which will be posted at 11:45 am CST.

**This interview was conducted based on questions I asked of the hosts. The answers are theirs, the rest is mine. If you have any questions, please contact me.**


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