Manic Mommy Monday #6 - Our First Fever

Manic Mommy Monday!

Traveling for holidays is always stressful. We went to my parents house bright and early Saturday morning. It was cold and rainy all weekend, so that effectively ended any plans for long walks and playing outside all day. My husband gets crabby and stir crazy if cooped up for more than a few hours--especially at his boring in-laws. So, lets just say he was a big ball of fun.

We have a full-size bed (mine from high school) in a small room, which is where we stay every time we go there. Little Bug doesn't really sleep independently at all at my parents house (a few times in the playpen after sheer exhaustion and that's it) so the 3 of us have tried co-sleeping like at home. Somehow, it's WAY more cramped there. So, dad always gets kicked out onto the couch. Another reason for holiday stress.

This was also the weekend Bug got a fever. 101.7 The first ever. On Easter morning. I didn't make him suffer in his nice little vest, shirt, and slacks. He wore some cute jams. He managed to eat some mashed potatoes, jello, meatballs and corn. That was early on. By 4pm, he was not eating anything (except he was still, thankfully breastfeeding).

Update: We swabbed his sore little throat & it was determined viral with no need of antibiotics at this point.

2nd Update: We have a POS thermometer that is a Safety 1st family one, with rectal, oral, and underarm options. It was reading WAY low. I didn't want to take chances w/fevers, so for the 2nd time, we trekked 18 miles, one-way, back into town to buy a new one. We are still holding at 100.7 with tylenol.... Poor sick boy.



  1. Poor lil' fella. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Here's to hoping he's feeling better by now! My lo doesn't like to sleep when we're at grandma/pa's for holidays either. And as for that thermometer, I refuse to use them. I can have my child read 102 fever on a "normal" thermometer, and tried the other one only to have it read 97. It's frustrating when trying to establish how sick your child may be.

  3. It is scary for their first fever! I am sorry you had to trek 18 miles to get a thermometer:)

  4. Fevers are no fun! Especially on the holidays!