Raw Organics Wool Dryer Balls REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Wool dryer balls...my new weapon against chemicals, waste, stink, & time! These little spheres are truly very cool. Read about all of the cool-factors they have, then, win your own set!

Critical Update: Unless someone can find this shop/site, it appears that she may no longer be in business. BUT I can direct you to other great dryer ball makers!!

These dryer balls are made by an awesome WAHM named Julia and are organic. Her business is called Raw Organics." First of all, wool is stellar to start, because it is super absorbent--something like 33% of it's weight can be held before you even notice it's wet! Wool is also what pioneers and probably further back in history used for diapering and all sorts of daily needs. [Maybe a Woolly Mammoth diaper cover?] So, if it worked for them, it should still work now!

Wool dryer balls also seemed like the next logical move for our family because part of the draw for me to use cloth diapers was 'BEING EARTH FRIENDLY!' And, on cloudy, cold, or rainy (snowy) days, it's just not possible for me to hang dry my duds--at least not successfully. I didn't like the extra energy consumption, but I thought I could off-set that easier than the hundreds of disposables in the landfill. [Did you know that TECHNICALLY the disposable diapers are supposed to be emptied of solid wastes before disposing of them? Yeah, crazy.] So, here we are, greening up more aspects of our cloth adventure! Finding Raw Organics has given me the opportunity to be green in several new ways!

1) Less time in drying = less energy used [less time dramatically!]
2) softening clothing/diapers without chemicals [and saving money by not purchasing sheets anymore!]
3) no added waste of dryer sheets
4) wool is biodegradable, the balls are long-lasting (years), and it is a naturally renewable resource!

YAY for Sheep!!

How It Shakes Out:
Daytime: N/A
Night-time: N/A
User-friendliness: 5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said & Done: 5

Julia has a HUGE selection of essential oils to choose from to scent your dryer balls--including cloth diaper friendly scents--among them, EGGNOG!! I have been trying to 'green up' my life, and insisting the rest of my family 'team up' and do the same. These handy wool balls help me do just that. I am proud to say, I no longer need my dryer sheets. (Who knows what goes into those? And what ARE they made of anyway?!) So, less garbage, more green. Thank you Raw Organics, for helping us out!

These dryer balls are really high quality. They aren't just wool over acrylic inner cores, they are felted wool through and through--by that I mean the core is felted and then another layer is felted on that. (Which requires more work to make and more materials thus, better quality balls). If you read up on felting, it is a pretty time-consuming project. That is why I've only read about it, and never have DONE it. The wool is from farmers with certified sheep, so it is never dipped with gross chemicals. Even more awesomeness. Even more green. This totally beats the old tennis ball trick from my mom! (I think a set of these wool dryer balls will be what she's getting from her Little Bug for Mother's Day!) You can get a set for your mama too, by taking advantage of the discount code Raw Organics has provided!

These Raw Organics dryer balls cut my cloth diaper drying time in half. I use the sun and breeze in the warmer months, using the dryer when it's winter is inevitable. I also have a drying rack, but when you need dipes, you need 'em. So dryer balls are a great way to expedite the process! My prior time for drying a load of about 10 diapers (mixed pockets, fitteds, AIOs) was about 75 minutes. Then, I'd sort them -- dry and damp. The damp stuff then went onto the drying rack. This was especially true for AIOs that never seem to dry in one cycle. The dryer balls made a notable difference! The time for a load of inserts and wipes is now only about 40 minutes and everything comes out dry and is not a big ball of static-y microfiber, flannel & hemp! I use 6 balls ALL the time & use 8 when I do not have dipes drying (since I have 2 balls that are Essential oil that aren't diaper safe. It can affect the PUL in the diapers.) I noticed a decrease in drying time by at least 15-20 minutes with only 4 Static Buster balls though! I would recommend these to anyone -- not just cloth diapering caregivers! I use these as permanent fixtures in my dryer now!

Static Testers - My first thought when I opened my mail from this crafty mama was 'Holy cow! I want to eat these!' They smelled THAT good. Julia uses Essential oils and has a fair number that are cloth friendly, to scent the dryer balls. I chose black cherry. I loved them. It only lasted 2 dryings for me (on the static buster balls), but, it was amazing while it lasted! I typically dry my cloth wipes with my inserts and they always stick together with static. Not anymore! I'm loving this. Not that it is a big deal to pull them apart, but it used to annoy me! So that gives the Static Buster balls super bonus points!

Regular Felted wool balls - These balls didn't kick the static as well as the static busters, but they retained the essential oil scent more. I decided on 2 lemon felted balls and 2 black cherry felted balls. The lemon smell wore off, but the black cherry are still going strong! They held up very well in the dryer. The colors were super cute too...which doesn't matter to their function, but it's always fun to have something cute, even in your dryer!

All of the dryer balls live in my dryer. Permanently! (Except when they end up in my laundry basket, in a footie jam, or in a sock). I am loving these things! My cats and little boy love them too! Whenever one rolls out while I'm folding fresh, static-free laundry, game on! (for pets and children alike...)

Julia at RawOrganics was so friendly and easy to work with, and did I mention she has a pretty new little baby to care for as she makes all these great wool dryer balls?! I respect and adore WAHMs for their creativity and ambition, and this one is no exception! Rock on Julia!

As mentioned above, she was generous enough to provide me with a Discount Code: use 'giveaway' for 10% off your next purchase of dryer balls at her Raw Organics website for ALL readers! ONE LUCKY READER will win a set of 4 (heavy static or regular) wool dryer balls!! How exciting! Enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form below! :)


**All opinions are 100% mine. I was not paid or compensated to write this review. I was given a discount on my dryer balls to complete the review.** Please see my PR Friendly tab for more information about my disclosure or completing a review for your company.**


  1. I've always wondered about these dryer balls nice job amanda

  2. I've always been curious too, I see them a lot on blogs!

  3. I've been wanting to try some of these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I have some of their lanolized dryer balls & they are amazing! If I don't use it, the flannel liners will stick to the inserts; but, with the dryer balls they don't stick!

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  6. These would be nice to try.. once I start cloth diapering.. I have heard so many things about them. I like the fact that there are many scents to choose from.