SUNBABY 4.0 Pocket Diaper Review

Sunbaby 4.0 Pocket Diaper

Sunbaby diapers was started by Sun Pei, a friendly mama in Shanghai, China. Sunbaby diapers are produced under fair labor conditions. Here is the diaper she sent for review, in the "Melody" print.

How It All Shakes Out:
Daytime: 4
Nighttime: 3
User friendliness: 4
Quality: 4
When All Is Said and Done: 3.5

Daytime: This is a "one-size" diaper, which by most brands' standards means it should fit most babies from birth to potty training. So, we would probably get good use out of this diaper, but depending on when Bug potty trains, I'm not sure the largest setting will fit him if he's 2 or older. We're on the last settings on many of our "one-size" diapers. It will fit most babies from 7-35 lbs. There are 3 snap rise settings to adjust the fit. They now offer two sizes to get the best fit for your child. The larger size offers snaps that increase the rise by one row.

Like the name implies, these are a pocket diaper, which means it has an opening to stuff inserts. This diaper came with a standard sized microfiber insert and a newborn size or doubler made of microfiber as well. These diapers are only available in snaps.  

Quality: The outer portion of the diaper is made of a waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL). The inside is a soft microfleece lining, which wicks the moisture away from the skin. The PUL is a little more thin than I like, but it was effective--I just like a thicker PUL because I have a heavy wetter. He also plays rough and thicker PUL is less likely to get damaged. However, I could tell that this PUL is VERY breathable which can help a lot with rashes! So I did like that feature about it. The SunBaby 3.0s have thicker and more durable PUL, so I would be curious in the differences between the two.

The inserts are made of microfiber (but you can specify Bamboo for $1.00 more) and looked and absorbed like the other standard sized microfiber inserts on the market from various other brands. The snaps were very easy for my toddler to figure out and unsecure, as you can see below. That is my only complaint of the diaper. And, he's a very busy, smart boy, so he tinkers with things until he figures them out. They are just not quite heavy-duty enough for him.

I really like that Sun Baby boasts fair labor conditions. Sun Pei was very easy to contact and available for questions and customer service very quickly, in spite of the fact that she is 1/2 way around the world! It was also really exciting to get foreign fluff mail! She shipped quickly and was friendly in all our correspondence.

Night-time use: I have not found very many diapers that can hold up to our heavy wetter. Most of the time we need wool or 2-3 hemp/bamboo inserts. That is common for many moms and I understand diaper companies keeping costs down for consumers by opting for microfiber. We had a few leaks each time we tried, but when the 2 Sun Baby inserts were paired with a hemp insert, we made it through pretty well.

User friendliness: The diaper was completely easy to use. There is a large pocket for stuffing ease. My husband went for this diaper quite a few times, which I thought was funny and ironic since it is so girly! Anything that he grabs gets major points for ease-of-use! They also dry very quickly--this is important in a good diaper and I attribute it to the thinner PUL. The inner fabric is very soft. The material does wick moisture, so that's a plus. The only downfall here is that the snaps are a little too user-friendly for my boy! Otherwise, this would be a great diaper for starting a stash, and with the lower prices and bulk purchasing options that SunBaby is famous for, you can't go wrong.

When All Is Said and Done:
I am mostly happy with this diaper. I think that for the awesome price, they are good quality. I love that they are fair-labor. Sun pei is constantly striving to improve Sunbaby diapers and is always thinking of more options for customers. I would definitely recommend this to folks just starting to build their stash, because it's an affordable way to try cloth. There are many fun prints that she offers, including this one. They do offer 2 sizes and they offer Bamboo inserts, they just do not come standard with diapers, so you CAN get them if you order them that way!

All the cool guys ride in pink!


  1. These are the main diapers we use, as we are lower income. I love them, especially for the price. I do have one diaper that I paid a little more for...Sew Is Your Baby. And I can tell the difference in the quality of them, but not enough that it's still a great diaper!!I got the 24 diapers, 48 inserts. It came with some bamboo inserts, but I'm not particularly fond of them. I only use them as a doubler at night because they seem to leak easily.

  2. I think the Sunbaby diapers are really cute and good quality for the money. It's a good way to get started diapering and not have to shell out $100 or more on a stash. Great review!

  3. I've stumbled upon Sunbaby diapers and wondered if they were good quality because they're so cheap. Sounds like you do get decent quality for a low price. If I had a girly, I might buy a few. The girl prints are too cute!

  4. We've only had 1 Sunbaby was actually quite impressive. Definitely recommended. And the price is fantastic!