Tender Bottoms Review

Kadi is the awesome creator behind today's review and giveaway from Tender Bottoms! Thank you Kadi, for being awesome and creating these products to help green up my home! (And the home of a lucky reader!)

This Etsy store is no longer open.

Tender Bottoms is a USA business, Tennessee to be more precise. Kadi is a mostly-stay-at-home-mommy and has a 3 1/2 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. (So we know these wipes are tried and tested!) Kadi makes lots of useful items for her family, and you can find many of them in her Etsy Store.

Here is a look at the prize package! You can choose what gender the wipes will be. This is just an example!

How It All Shakes Out:
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 5
Quality: 5
User-friendliness: 4.5
When All is Said and Done: 4.5

Tender Bottoms Wipes are made from 100% Cotton Flannel with Serged edges. They are washable and reusable! These wipes are eco-friendly and can save your family over $300 a year by not buying disposable wipes! I don't know about you, but being a SAHM keeps the budget tight, and the fact that I don't throw away money with disposable diapers is great, saving the same way with wipes is even better!

I had to make the switch to cloth by going cold turkey from disposable wipes! I ran out and stopped buying them. I haven't looked back since! I used Tender Bottoms wipes with Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes solution in a spray bottle. Kadi has an awesome recipe card that comes with her wipes, but I have not yet made the homemade solution yet. I am extremely excited to try it though! My wipes came with a sweet bow and the card for the recipes tied to them. The whole package smelled like juicy apples when it arrived, thanks to Kadi's delicious-smelling Goat's milk soap! (Which the winner will also receive!) **The Laundry Detergent Kadi creates is made from a secret recipe blend of Homemade (lightly scented) Goatsmilk Soap, Borax, Baking soda and Washing Soda. Just 1 tablespoon will wash a whole load of laundry in an HE washer and 1 1/2-2 tablespoons is perfect for a top loading washing machine. (It only costs pennies per load instead of the .25-.50 cents that a store brand will cost you.)

My first instinct was to wipe Little Bug's face and hands. Ease into it, I said. So, I wet the wipes with water. (I had washed them once prior to using them.) I used one wipe for the face first, then both hands. Completely clean. The 100% Cotton Flannel was so soft on his perfect baby skin. Awesome. Then he pooped.

So I had no choice. No more dawdling. I squirted 3 wipes with the Monkey Doodlez wipes solution (I didn't know what kind of mess I was in for yet. 3 seemed like a fair amount.) I used one wipe for the initial clean-up. It wasn't too much different than a disposable wipe. I did think a little bit more "grab" would have decreased the total number of wipes used. Maybe a cheesecloth or muslin on the other side would be even more amazing? After using the 2nd wipe, I really didn't NEED the 3rd, but I wanted to make sure I got it all. I simply tossed the wipes into the pail with my cloth diapers. Done. No rubbish to throw away. No money in the trash.

Here are they wipes I received and the cute bow too! Great presentation! The Tender Bottoms tag on the bow is also a recipe card--can't wait to try these!

I think that the wipes saturated easier and quicker after 2 washes. At first I wasn't sold on flannel because it seemed to repel water/solution. But after the 2nd wash, they were excellent. I'd still like to see one side have some more "traction," which is why I gave user-friendliness a 4.5. Other than that, the serged edges are great--no unraveling! The size is good for 2-4 wipes depending on how aggressive you are with maximizing the wipe surface to poo ratio! The print I got were dinos and turtles--both adorable and gender neutral. The material is high quality and it is obvious from the bow on the package to the soap and recipe card extras, that this WAHM enjoys making these products, which tends to result in a good, quality item! Kadi is planning on a new wipe with alternate fabric on the other side, and she's also been playing around with sizes of wipes! You don't have to have a child in dipes to enjoy these wipes! They make great cloths for kitchen cleaning and napkins!

Check out the Tender Bottoms Etsy shop for all of Kadi's Wipes, detergent and other fun and useful items.

This is what smells so yummy in the package! And, it works great! We have been enjoying the smell of apples this week as I wash our many loads in this awesome detergent! Great for sensitive skin!

Now, ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive 30 of the signature Tender Bottoms (either gender, winner chooses) cloth wipes, a recipe card for Kadi's Tender Bottoms wipe solutions and some homemade Goats Milk Laundry detergent! Please take a moment to visit her Facebook page and say thanks for being an awesome WAHM!

This giveaway is open to the US and Canada! Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter!


**Disclosure: These words are 100% my own. I was given a complimentary product to complete this review.**


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