Tree-planting Widow - MMM #7

Manic Mommy Monday!

Every year, my husband, the forester, effectively leaves me for the birds and the bees and the flowers and the TREES and I don't really see him for around 2 weeks. He leaves at 5am and returns at around 7 pm, long enough to eat, shower, and prep for the next day.

Now, I know that there are many women out there that are 'military wives' and people that have it much, MUCH harder than I do. However, this year it could not have come at a worse time. Warm winter weather moved planting up about a month sooner. We have 2 family photo shoots scheduled for this time period. I have a set of grandparents with failing health. I am teaching a Water Aerobics class that Little Bug doesn't tolerate more than 15 minutes of. I have no babysitter. We just got over Roseola.

He goes into the woods with a crew of about 20 men from Guatemala. They plant like 2,000 trees/day--each person! He has to go around and check that they are not planting sloppy. He also lays out the areas to be planted so that they can just 'get to work' when they get to the sites. He works Sundays and gets Saturdays off, because like most Hispanic cultures, these tree planters observe Saturday as the 'holy day.' As much as you wouldn't think it would screw with a SAHM's schedule, it does! It made me feel like all day Sunday it was really Monday. Yesterday, it POURED, so I made hubby chicken noodle soup -- FROM SCRATCH!! He got home from work dripping and full of ticks at 7:45 pm. So Little Bug stayed up until 9pm visiting with daddy.

As if in answer to my whining, we got 6" of snow and an official "Snow Day" was called and now hubs is home today, Monday. So I kinda got my Sunday back. We have pictures tomorrow though, and I was going to look for something to wear when we went to town for Mommy & Me, but that's been canceled. So now, the rest of the day will be spent rummaging through clothing to find something that is not hideous. Noting how badly I need to start jogging again. If there weren't 6" of snow. Again.

***On a more positive note...this week is SUPER exciting!! In the midst of all of the "real life" chaos, I find sanction in my blog activities. I'm working on making my blog have a cooler theme. It's not likely to come to fruition for a while, but it's my new side project, so look for a future face-lift. I'm learning every week and finding more and more fellow blog-mamas and WAHMs that I have things in common with. It is especially nice to have a place to vent, give advice, rant, laugh, joke...whatever strikes my fancy. So, thank you to those readers, if you're out there, that post and keep conversation happening on Facebook! :) You make me smile.

Okay, I said exciting...

It's REAL DIAPER WEEK! I am blogging along with several others in a Real Diaper Week Blog Hop hosted by The Eco Chic and culminating in The Great Cloth Diaper Change! So, each day this week, you can expect a post from me with a topic relating to cloth diapering. I will also have the link to all of the other blogs that are participating, so you can read everyone's spin on the topic. Check out my post for today when you're done with the MMM hop! :)

I will also be having 'Great Green Business' Spotlights throughout the week, my regular reviewing, giveaways, and of course, my normal posting (like Wordless Wednesday and today, Manic Mommy Monday.)

April 21st is the GCDC. Expect cool things that day all over the web, including here at Adventures of Mommyhood.

For me, the fun doesn't stop there, I will be continuing the green-inspired theme with National Parks Week (which is te following week!) So, pretty much keep a tab open to my blog for the next 2 weeks. :)


  1. I feel your pain! And I hate complaining about John being gone because I know there are mamas out there that have it worse too. John is usually gone for 3 weeks at a time and home for 4 days.

    I hope your pictures go good! And I will be joining you in the blog hop for Real Diaper Week.

    Shannon @ Mommy of One and Counting --

  2. Wow, you are one brave mama to manage for those two weeks-I struggle with my hubs working 10 hour days!!

    1. Some days it's very overwhelming! We said when we decided to have our daughter that by the time she was born he would work and be home at night. That didn't happen. He got a few DWI's before I knew them so he can't get his CDL and that's really preventing him from getting a job that pays enough in order to be at home at night. It does suck! But we both decided we don't want to have to send our daughter to day care every day. I work from home so we still bring in some more money. It will definitely be harder when the baby is here in the end of June!

  3. WOW... I guess you can say that I am grateful that my hubby works only around the corner from where we live. I can't seem him being gone for soo long. I am glad you made it through such a hard time. God bless you. Judith