Two Weeks Notice

Well, Wednesday was my last straw with Adult Water Aerobics. It's getting too hard to wrangle a big boy and try to keep a crowd motivated for an hour, while keeping everyone safe! Don't get me wrong, I still love it and it's not because it's HARD that I'm quitting... It's because I don't want my kiddo to be traumatized and hate pools! Or worse! ME!

I put in my "two weeks notice" to the boss lady and she emailed be back saying she understood being a mom comes first. I make about $30/month when gas for trips in to the pool is deducted. She suggested I look into daycare. I told her that just wouldn't be cost effective--I'd then be losing money for a job! The beauty of this job when I took it was not only that they needed someone ASAP to help out at least interim, but also that Bug LOVED being in the water. It must have been a stage, one of many we've seen, because it just didn't last.

I scraped my 2nd littlest toe on the side of the pool that day and bled all over while trying to dress a one year-old while I was in MY bathing suit and try to keep him dry. Needless to say I was done. It sounds like small beans, but I've given it at least a month to get better and it's gotten progressively worse. So, farewell swimming, until we meet again. Well, partially. I'm still teaching Water Babies & Toddler Swim Lessons. A 1/2 hour each week is plenty for Little Bug to get his feet wet.

And also, not being tied up M, W, F will allow me trips into 'the big town' so I can resume Zumba and have more time in general. A one-hour swim class ended up sucking 3-4 hours out of our day with showers, getting ready, and driving included. That just isn't what I wanted to spend our days doing.

I normally am not a quitter. I despise quitting. But, in light of the funeral last week, friends and family that are sick, and again having a reminder that you should ENJOY life, I decided to throw in the towel, so to speak. So, call me a quitter, but the moment I resigned I felt instant relief. May 9th cannot come soon enough! Even though it is only a 4 hour a week position, I still felt like it was common courtesy to give two weeks notice.

So, my short stint back into the "working world" is coming to a hiatus. I couldn't be happier!


  1. I understand. Being a mommy is very important!

  2. I totally understand your incident you had at the pool.. With scraping your toes.. I am 38 weeks pregnant.. and my husband and I were taking our 1 yr old to swimming lessons.. and the door to the indoor pool slammed behind me and I fell backwards..Thank God.. I and the baby were ok.. but I have now a very bad sprained ankle.. and I wanting to have this baby naturally.. So determined.. even with a sprained foot.. For the decision you made.. I think it is soo worth it.. Your child needs you.. and even though it's tough sometimes.. Mommyhood is soo worth it. God bless you.. Judith

  3. ha ha! I used to teach water aerobics too! I loved it so much because the exercise was great, but there are times for everything! Maybe someday again when life changes:-)

  4. Sounds like you made a good choice for your family:) And I totally understand how hard and how long it takes to get a little one ready for swimming and then cleaned up after.