Belated** MMM#12 Updates!!!

Okay, this week has been more than manic. So much so, that I did not link up AT ALL to Manic Mommy Monday (hosted by The Gnomes Mom)!!

So, now that it is Thursday, I'm updating y'all!

We spent Sunday at my parents river cabin, it rained most of the day, but was really a great time and so relaxing! We even had a yummy ham feast and got to spend some time outside--oh, and S'MORES!! The first S'more of the year is always so glorious!

Then, the week got crazy. Upon arriving home Sunday night, around 8:30, I was consumed with mommy chores (getting the baby "boobed" and back into bed after screaming the whole way home from the cabin & readying things for the next day). I DID notice that my dog didn't bound up to see us home, but that isn't totally abnormal if a deer or other critter has her attention on the other side of the property. But, it was a torrential downpour by ten p.m., so her not being up by the house (and ready to be fed) WAS strange. I was exhausted, it was pitch black outside and pouring, and I thought maybe this once she had hunkered down somewhere to ride out the storm.

The next day, we started out as usual, diaper change, breakfast, playing, checking emails, etc. By 9 a.m. I realized there was no big barking white dog. I called. I loaded my kiddo into the backpack and we hiked around. Then, I saw 3 turkey buzzards (vultures)  circling in the sky. I started to cry, but not wanting to scare Bug, stopped, walked home & called hubby. It was a holiday, thankfully, so he & grandpa were off.

We searched the woods for 2 hours while Grandpa babysat. She was nowhere. No hair, no blood. No dog near the highway. No dog in the woods. No barks, no whines. Disappeared. Vanished. So, we came back, the depressed feeling of losing my buddy made the entire day completely unproductive for me. I cried a lot. It surprised me how much I really LOVE my dog! (I mean, I am an animal lover, and I've had dogs die tragically before, but this was hard!) I made a few posters and decided since I didn't feel like cooking, we would go to the "local" bar/restaurant 10 miles away and eat supper. They have AMAZING burgers. So I brought a poster.

When we got home from supper, I felt a little better, we got the baby ready for bed and retired ourselves.

Then, at 7am my phone was ringing. From all the crying and hiking frantically, I was exhausted. I was thinking, "who would be calling this early?" Both the cell and the home phone rang, so I assumed it was my husband. Not too many people know BOTH numbers. About 1/2 hour later, I checked my cell message---someone had seen my dog! 10 miles away from home! I made  the calls, made a positive ID, and eventually got her back. It cost me $50 and a lot of tears. But, it was worth it to have her back. She had followed my brother-in-law and his girlfriends kids down the road on fourwheelers. Even though she was being "bad" by following them, ultimately it was irresponsible on HIS part for not making her go back, and then not saying anything later. He can sometimes be an ass though, so I'm not surprised.


  • We are signing up for a "junior gardener" program for my little dirt lover!
  • BLOGGER sign-ups for my June/July event will be out today
  • we have some vacations planned!
  • we are starting to look at houses!
  • My NEW LAPTOP is on it's way! I couldn't be happier!!!
  • Little Bug crapped ALL OVER the house during a moment of elimination mis-communication
  •  the garden is MOSTLY doing great -- we did lose some of our squash to late frosts :(
  • Hubby's car is running great and I even like it for a completely cheap old car! And, my car is getting more repairs tomorrow. 
  • My dad came and had a SUPER day with Bug yesterday and I caught up on household stuff
  • I am slowly recovering my blog and updating and fixing everywhere necessary! It's been neglected because I've been spending time outside with my son & tending to life. I'm sorry about this, but you will just have to bare with me on this one. I have a lot of great giveaways and reviews and stories coming up, but I just cannot waste the precious little time we have 1) with our son while he's young 2) in nice weather here in the northern climes! I still fully intend on getting my blog content up and running as well as any commitments and scheduled posts, but I just won't be at my social media & internet-related sites beckon call during the summer. I KNOW all of the mamas and papas out there understand!
 Alright! There's my weekly round-up! Look for the new event to debut today! (If the realtor calls, it may be this evening when it posts, since we'll be touring houses!) Have a GREAT Thursday!

**Side note: I am stoked that Sophie won America's Next Top Model (even though she's not American) and I am so very glad the program is over for now! Grey's has left me hangin' for the summer. More time away from the boob-tube!**


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