Breanna's Thirty-One Gifts Utility Tote Review & Giveaway

Misson: Accomplished!!

I've been looking for a functional AND fashionable diaper bag forever! I have tried a 'traditional' diaper bag and though my husband and my mother use it and don't have complaints, I just can't get into it. I started simply putting a diaper and a wipe or two in my purse, but with cloth, unless I carry a giant grandma purse, I can carry little else when I have a diaper in there! So, we were resigned to leaving the bag in the car and doing diaper changes on the backseat. To heck with bringing one with! Inevitibly, there was something I'd like to bring with us to an event or gathering (an extra outfit, bibs, food, diapers, toys, books...) ALL of the stuff it takes to be a mom!

Then, finally, at a baby shower this winter, I saw a mama friend of mine and she had a great-looking, durable tote for her 3 year-old twin daughters bag. It even had their names embroidered on it! I asked her about it and she said it was a Thirty-One Gifts tote. It was love at first sight! The mama that was being honored with the shower got a tote bag too! Then I was smitten with them, and on a mission to try one out! Enter: Breanna, my lovely generous Thirty-One Gifts consultant. She has been kind enough to let me do a review on my dream diaper bag, and I'm LOVING it! She has also provided a bag for one lucky mama to win!! It is part of the awesome $100+ prize package listed on the Rafflecopter form for the Mother's Day Giveaway #ClothDiaperHop hosted by Daily Mothering, featuring about 80 blogs! Including THIS one!!

How It All Shakes Out:

Function: 5
User Friendliness: 5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 5

This Utility Tote is perfect. It is my dreamboat of diaper bags. (Please note that it does not HAVE to be a diaper bag!) I have also used it as a "mommy bag," for things like going to the pool, working out, or traveling -- bringing it to work with my snacks, books, documents and things in it. This is an aptly named bag, as I can find UTILITY for it in several ways! It's gender neutral, in black and white circles, with black handles, and grommets that secure them with quality. There is a tag on the side that says "Thirty One," so you know you have a genuine Thirty-One Gifts product. As I mentioned about my friends' diaper bag, you CAN have these bags customized with embroidery on the side and when you order, you can have help from a consultant picking what color stitching may look great to compliment your bag!

Here is my styln' Thirty-One Gifts Utility Tote chillin' at the pool!

Breanna can help you find what you're looking for, and you can email her anytime! You can also join her group on Facebook and she can help YOU sign up to be a Thirty-One Gifts consultant too! Or, you can click her button on my sidebar to find other ways to contact her! The winner will receive a Thirty-One Gifts catalog along with the Utility Tote, so you can see all the other great products that Breanna can help you accessorize with! They have a bag that would work great for a wet-bag, for all of you cloth diapering mamas that are looking for more options!

Just look at all the stuff that I fit in my Thirty-One Gifts Utility Tote! It wasn't even stuffed full!

In case you can't see it all: Nalgene water bottle, Ergo baby carrier, IttiBitti diaper, BumGenius diaper, stuffed duck, Badger sunscreen, Nike sandals, Kix, Lake Woebegon Days book, cloth wipes, a bottle, a fruity baby food pouch, and a disposable wipes box where I keep cloth wipes!

The Utility Tote has one LARGE compartment that can fit SO much! It also has FIVE side pockets, perfect for baby bottles, water bottles, sunblock, bugspray, diaper creams, and any other small items you want to be able to access easily! There are mesh pockets on both sides of the bag, which is where I keep things like my cell phone and car keys. The tote is made of canvas and the nylon straps are very well built.

You can be a mom and still look great! You don't have to be stuck with a frumpy bag, bogging you down! You are no longer restricted to choosing between Winnie The Pooh or Cars characters! (Love them both, but we all need a break sometimes!) There are many color and pattern options, and I'm sure there's one that would suit YOU!

If you are interested in becoming a Thirty-One Gifts consultant, Breanna can help you out!

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**I was provided a Utility Tote for review purposes. No other compensation was accepted for this review. These words are 100% my own and cannot be bought. If you would like more information, please see my PR/Disclosure tab.**


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