The Charming Sparrow Review & Giveaway

In the spirit of so many "green" days--Earth Day (April 22nd), Arbor Day (last Friday in April), International Migratory Birds Day (May 3rd), and Bike-to-Work-Day (3rd Friday in May)--I am starting out a series of household green up posts with these ridiculously cute and practical paperless towels from April at The Charming Sparrow.

How It All Shakes Out:
Ease of Use: 5
Quality: 5
Functionality: 5
When All Is Said & Done: 5

Here is a look at the "green mail" that I received recently!

Here are all four of the panels snapped together, ready to go on the roll or be folded up--just like PAPER towels, only way more earth-friendly!

I love that these towels snap together! You can keep your set of 4 snapped together and rolled up in a holder, just like paper towels. They wash up along with any of your regular laundry and can be used over and over again! Not only that, but this print (and many others) are so much prettier than even the cutest prints that Brawny or Viva or any other paper towels offer!

Ease of Use: The snaps are just as easy to use as paper towel perforations--except you don't have to worry about accidentally ripping off just a corner or something! You get a whole towel, every single time! These are durable little towels, they wash up great and can be thrown into the washer with any other household laundry!

Here is the full spread of the sweet flower and bird print.

Quality: The quality of the material is great. You can tell it's not cheap fabric--it's super soft flannel with a reversible matching print. These are great for napkins or clean-up! I had a hard time finally cleaning up a mess with them though, because they are so darn cute! So maybe that's an added bonus? They make you more neat and careful, so you make less mess so you don't have to dirty them! Haha! I just love ours. They make me feel good because each use means 4 less paper towels going into the landfill. Four less paper towels made from trees.

Here is a close-up of what the little snaps look like. They are found on all four corners of the towels, so they snap together easily.

Functionality: These are BETTER than paper towels in function. They NEVER rip because they are wet! They are reusable so you only ever need ONE for a job, no matter how messy. I've cleaned up my baby, his high chair, the table, and counters in one easy and quick wipe job! (Starting with the baby, of course!) I am just kicking my self for not making the switch sooner! It's saving valuable resources and money--plus it makes me feel good! I love making greener choices in our home.

Here is another picture, zoomed out but with good detail of the snaps.

One soon-to-be-greener reader will WIN a set of FOUR paperless towels from The Charming Sparrow, in a fun and kitchen-y cupcake print! Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.
See? Just like PAPER TOWELS...but cuter! And greener! The giveaway prize towels!

Or, you can BUY your own green Faux Paper Towels and many other fun items from April's shop on Etsy! Take the step to green up your kitchen today! It is really so much nicer! Even if you still have a roll of paper towels lying around "just in case," you'll use WAY less and still be a little greener. The Charming Sparrow really dresses up a dirty job with a variety of cute options for faux paper towels!


**I received a set of paperless towels for this review. I did not receive any other compensation for my words, which are 100% mine. For more, please see the PR/Disclosure tab.**


  1. these look great! we use cloth wipes, and cloth diapers but i do not know why we haven't switched to unpapaer towels yet!

  2. These look awesome! I am entering to win! I love how they fit on the dispenser!

  3. What a neat concept that you can link the towels together and put them on a roll! I wonder if you can attach more than 4 together? That would be great if you could.

  4. These look awesome! I love how you can actually put them on a roll or snap them together. Great idea

  5. these are super cute and I love the snap idea!

  6. These are soo cute.. but I would be afraid to mess them up for those really bad messes.. If you know what I mean.. What would you use to get the stains out of them when you wash them? Just wondering. Great post. God bless you. Judith

  7. I also like the Quilted IvoryTote Bag!

  8. I love the Green and Sparrow print pincushion

  9. We use cloth napkins, and unpaper towels seem like a natural extension, Thanks for the review!

  10. I love these... we don't use paper products in our house but i love how these snap together like a roll of paper towels!

  11. My favorite is the Pink Cloth Paper Towel

  12. These are so cute! I haven't mad the switch to un-paper towels yet but with these I think the swap would be easy and cute !

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