A Fix'r Up'r - Manic Mommy Monday #MMM 11

Manic Mommy Monday!

This Manic Mommy Monday is coming to you from Granny's house. We are visiting for Mother's Day--remarkably I am having an okay time with her computer! 1/2 our state is rural enough that wireless is still pretty fancy, so I don't even bother bringing the old MAC laptop here. But, Granny's computer is a lot faster than my circa 2003 dinosaur, so I'm pretty happy! The only downfall is the old browser & no pictures or bookmarks...other than that, all is well technologically.

Now for the real part of the post...

For Mother's Day I wanted to go on a hike to a place I have never been. I actually worked in the area for nearly 6 years and never visited half of the cool attractions. So, we got up at our usual time and hubby played with Bug while I packed a day pack and a picnic. We were going to do a 6-mile roundtrip leg that would take us to a nice lake. It was about 70 and sunny. Perfect.

So, we got 1/2 way there, trail map in hand when the phone rang about a camper we were sure had sold because I basically stalked the owner's phone number for 2 days. I left 2 messages. It was something we could afford and I wanted it! Low and behold, it was still available and just 2 hrs in the other direction. So, we turned the Subaru around and began our journey to get this camper.

Here is the beaut! We call her the turtle.

It included the truck that the camper slipped onto, so it was a steal, albeit a steal that needed TLC. We got there, and for Mother's Day I got a camper! We are so excited to fix it up and camp in it! My friend Annie at Montana Solar Creations told me all about her camper and her solar panels that are on it...totally inspired us to get a roof over our heads. We are normally tent campers, but this year with a super mobile toddler, we thought it might make it more enjoyable for everyone to go this route. After a little vacuum action, it was looking better already! :)

We also had amazing gilled ribeyes, crab-stuffed portabellas, corn on the cob, and baked potatos. Awesome Mother's Day. I'm not even sore, since we didn't go on the hike.


  1. Gee your kinda mothers day weekend sounds stunning. I'ts great to go camping with the family, if it's not too difficult for the little one. We made mothers day into a weekend on our farm with my kids and 2 grand kids but it sounds wonderful to go away for a change and do some light hiking or day walks.
    I loved my grand mothers day card with tiny purple hand prints that were supposed to look like flowers in a pot & I like my new Tracfone SVC for seniors like me, which has big keys and letters on the screen so I don't need glasses to make calls.
    We've played baseball, cards, made seafood marinara, baked sweet potato cake and tired each other out, but boy it's been a fun mothers day weekend with lots of love.

  2. That sounds awesome! I would love to see some pictures of the new ride!

  3. I wish I would have taken a picture of the feast! Here is an update w/picture! It's fantastic! :)

  4. Yay!! I love that you named it "the turtle". Can't wait to hear about your first adventure camping in it!

  5. You will have many great family memories in that camper:) We have an older trailer and love it!