Flats, Broken Stuff, & Event Anxiety!!! #MMM 12

Good Monday Morning! (I am writing this preemptively, expecting my Monday to be off-the-charts-manic, so I apologize if there are any tense disagreements or anything like that!

Bug and I are participating in the 2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge started by Dirty Diaper Laundry last year in an effort to raise awareness about cloth diapering and it's availability to the masses--even those without washers and dryers!

Well, I've made us a camp washer. I tie-dyed some flats. I have about 4 different kinds that I'm experimenting with. I saw post after post from my bloggy friends, talking about how they "practiced" folding flats and trying out what works best for their kids. Not me. I feel like I went through a time tunnel and came out a week later. I have no idea what happened between today and May 9-11ish.... I lost a whole week. No, I haven't been drinking! So, I feel a bit panicked that tomorrow, when Bug wakes up, I'll have to figure out flats. He might be running around naked while mama figures it out! Definitely going to be a 2-3 cups of coffee day!

I did end up working an 11 hour day yesterday, so that always sets me back in the home-life progress. It was a really fun day at the office though. A pretty active fire was burning right outside of a beloved tourist town and there were actually 47 mph winds at one point, so it was very busy.

I couldn't even keep on task for this post. I just wrote a review that I've been working on for a few weeks. I put the peanut butter in the baby food cupboard and could not make a PBJ for hubby to take to work. My brain is mis-firing these days! So, why not take on a flats challenge!?! Funnily enough, our washing machine is on it's last legs. Only the hot cycle works, so I've been shrinking our clothing, setting stains and becoming increasingly peeved with the dumb machine. I've seen a lot of ads online for "front loader washer for PARTS" and am curious if anyone has had trouble with them? We still have an old top-loading dinosaur. Let me know!

The morning has begun **of course** my little guy has his 1st case of diarrhea--ever. (If you don't count EBF poops. I mean consistently over the course of a few days, not just one change. So, this is not ideal for the challenge, but, it makes me that much more thankful for even my semi-broken washer.

I'm also stressing that I won't have any interest for my upcoming event in July! I never thought I would be nervous about hosting an event, but I am!! I will be posting an "official" post in the next few days, but in the meantime, this is an event running mid-June and culminating on July 1st! So, email me if you're interested, keep checking the blog for more, or, check in later on next month to ENTER!

We FINALLY got hubby a new car!! Well, a really old new car. We couldn't pass it up, he was spending $10/day driving a V10 (really green, right?) to work and back. So, even if this old car craps out after just a few months, it will still have saved us money. Plus, we can junk it and get about 1/2 our money back. So as far as big purchases go---camper, check! car, check! still needed: washer, some random car repairs for my car, TV/DVD/VCR/DVR would be great! and a new push mower. It seems like in our family, when it rains, it pours--all of our $100+ appliances are dying all at once. And, the TV package is a luxury, and it would probably increase my evening productivity if we just didn't have one, but it's my relaxation time.... So, anyway, glad I'm working a little here and there. Glad I HAVE some of the above appliances, even if they are less than functioning perfectly. Glad we found a new car. Glad I am at least testing myself and trying to host an event.

And now...naptime. Happy Monday!

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  1. Don't get a front loader! They're the worst for cloth.