Gettin' My Butt in Gear

Well, I said I would lose the baby weight in the first year. My son is 14 months old and I'm still not in the shape I would like to be. Can anyone else relate?

The thing I struggle with is the cyclic nature to being out of shape. I was in great shape before I took a desk job. Desk job, followed by pregnancy, followed by a long winter with no snow for x-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. didn't help matters. Now, it's been nice this spring. I have been walking 2-3 miles each day mostly with Bug in the stroller. I'm amping it up to jogging intermittently. The days of running 3+ miles seem like a fantasy that I dreamed up, not something I used to start each day with!!

I want to get back together with running. We had a great relationship. I cheated on running. Now, I want to rekindle the flame! Here is my to-do list:

1) Update Ipod. (well, Ipod is easier to say--I really have a small MP3 player) and, it's got music from like 2003. No lie. Not very motivating to try to run to the same 20 songs I have been for YEARS!

2) Get new shoes. I have a pair of Mizunos that I LOVED and I actually got them as part of my college volleyball uniform, way back in 2003. They have more miles on them than I would have ever imagined possible, and they desperately need to be retired. I've actually read that there is an optimal amount of tread miles for a shoe, just like tires, and that you get better running results from updating your kicks regularly. I am alternating between those oldies-but-goodies and my Merrell hiking shoes. Neither are ideal. The Merrell's look SUPER dorky in Zumba class! ha!

3) Get a new running outfit. I want to try a running skirt/skort, but would like to get into better shape before rewarding myself with that. I'm thinking some leggings or capris and a new tank. New things tend to motivate me!

4) Build baby-free time in. Nothing ruins mojo like a child that is ready to go home before your run is done! UGH! Sometimes, if a jog/run is planned poorly around the all-important nap, I end up high-tailing it home after just 1/2 mile. Boo! Daddy is going to need to kick in some time on this one!

5) Eat better. I remember college days, when I could eat 1/2 a pizza and be nursing a substantial hangover and still pull off a decent 1 1/2 miles or better. Now, not only do I only drink about one time each year, never more than a few, which is a far cry from the days of yore...I also cannot eat crap food and then expect to run. Lately, because I've been busy, I've been supplementing by meals with Goldfish, mango sorbet, and chocolate milk. I need to reign this in and start going heavy on the produce and whole grains again.

So, there it is. My NEW ME plan for the summer. More details to come... Wish me luck! Hold me accountable! I will be updating y'all on how it goes!


  1. I love your goals, it is totally inspiring to me! I despise running so for me the goal is to get back to riding my bike and I'm working on the whole eating healthier thing (as I sit here and snack on dark chocolate covered cherries-ha!)Good luck and keep us posted on how it's going, I still wish we lived closer so we could motivate each other and go on some hikes together with our babies :) annie

  2. Good luck with your goals... we will all be rooting for you, I'm sure. I started running a couple months ago, and good shoes are so important. Very worth the money spent! But get fitted at a good running store to find what shoe is best for your foot.

  3. Great goals! I always feel so much better when I am in shape and feel good about myself!!