Imse Vimse Swim Diaper from Jillian's Drawers

Most of you know that I teach Waterbabies. I used to teach Adult Water Aerobics, but as of yesterday, I will have resigned my position for the summer and will only be teaching Waterbabies and Toddler Swim Lessons. This is great because it works better for me and the little man, and I LOVE focusing more on the babies! This will be my 4th class offering in the last year and ONE thing that stands out in each class is:

Our cloth diaper.

My child is the ONLY one that wears cloth swim diapers!!!
To me, it is astonishing how many people in my rural midwestern town do not use or even think about using cloth diapers!!

I mentioned during Real Diaper Week on Day #1 that Jillian's Drawers "Changing Diapers, Changing Minds" Trial Program is how I started cloth. Well, not too long ago, I contacted them and suggested that they should adjust the program to include a cloth diaper for swimming in the mix of the package. Even though I had the cloth epiphany, I hadn't had that 'ah-hah' moment with SWIM DIAPERS until about 9 months into my cloth adventure! So, in about 2 months ago, I started using an Imse Vimse swim diaper that Jillian's Drawers generously provided to me for this review.

I had used only Monkey Doodlez swim diapers before, and I loved them, so I thought I'd try another brand, since we spend SO much time in the pool.  I was excited to try a new one, to see if all swim diapers are created equal.

How It All Shakes Out:
Daytime: 5
Night-time: N/A
Quality: 5
User-friendliness: 4
When All Is Said And Done:  4.5

Here is the "water-fluff" mail that I received.

In this photo, you can see the 2-snap closure system. The child slips one leg into one side of the diaper, then you snap the other side around the remaining leg.  It is nice in some ways, compared to a pull-up style swim diaper, but with a toddler it was sometimes difficult. Moving target... 

This print is called 'Green Fish.'
 I really like the fun fish designs, but I'm truly in love with the Black Lizards and Sea Animals prints!  They also have very cute ruffle-bum options for those little girlies!

Many people have commented on "how cute my son's SWIMSUIT is." Many, especially the older ladies that remember the days of "rubber pants" are stunned when I tell them it is a functional diaper as well!

As for ease of use, I mentioned that I like the side-snap feature on the Imse Vimse diaper MOST of the time. When the swim diaper is wet, it is much easier to take off when you can just unsnap one leg and pull the other one down.

The fit is great. I got an XL and when we ordered it, my guy was 23 lbs. This size is listed to fit 15-24 months and 24-31 lbs. I don't think the diaper would fit him at 31 lbs. (But I will definitely keep trying it each week and we shall see!) He is now just under 25 lbs and it is getting snug. I think he would need a bigger size in a month, maybe two. So, I would say that Imse Vimse run on the small side. Keep in mind though, they make sizes ranging from Newborn to 3-4 year olds! The next size for Bug would be "Super Large!"

I would love to get the word out more about cloth swim diapers. I forgot a swim diaper one day (back in the days when we used Little Swimmers) and bought one from the front desk of the pool center we swim at---$2.00!! You can purchase a cloth swim diaper for around $20. A whole package of swim disposables is about $13 where I shop. It doesn't take a mathlete to see the savings of cloth--especially since it's summer! Our swim diapers pay for themselves in just a few weeks!

Some pools don't ALLOW cloth swim diapers. This is incredibly closed-minded. Little do they know that cloth swim diapers do EXACTLY what a disposable swim diaper is designed to do--keep the SOLIDS out of the pool. We have only ever had a poo in a swim diaper ONCE. It was a terrestrial swim diaper poo event. EPIC FAIL. It was way back last summer when the little guy was about 5 months old, still exclusively breastfed, and we were using disposable swim diapers. I also didn't realize that it was unwise to travel even short distances with a disposable swim diaper and not a regular diaper on.... HUGE mess. At a restaurant no less! I haven't been able to test the poo-proofing powers of any cloth swim diaper, because we just aren't pool poopers I guess! But, I do feel based upon the experience I've had with disposable vs. cloth swim dipes, it would hold up great! Imse Vimse are "public pool approved." Imse Vimse is based Sweden with a US branch.

I found out all swim diapers are not created equal, BUT I do like both brands for different reasons. I also know as a certainty that ANY cloth diaper for swimming is better than a disposable!

My advice to you if you are interested in using cloth and your local pool, fitness club, or hotel does not allow them, contact the manager. Better yet, see if the cloth diaper manufacturer will contact them--many of them will do so. It has been proven that cloth is just as effective in preventing solids from entering the water as disposables are. If not more so.

The quality of the Imse Vimse diaper is really good. The cloth is a nice balance of durable PUL and comfort.  I remember trying to pull and rip off disposable swim diapers and sometimes it would not rip...which would lead to pulling and pinching of his soft baby skin. It is the perfect fit right now. It doesn't flop around or threaten to leave him in his birthday suit, but it also doesn't leave any red marks behind from being too tight.

The material is PUL on the inside and material just like the swimsuits YOU wear on the outside! These cloth swim diapers are ready to use---no stuffing or inserts needed!

I haven't converted any of my swim-moms yet. YET. They all comment on how 'cute' the cloth diaper is. I think there is just a simple intimidation factor that needs to be broken down before a mama will consider cloth. I'm a huge cloth advocate after having such a great experience, and I'd love to see my entire class in fluff! I keep telling them as I'll tell you: head on over to Jillian's Drawers and try a swim diaper. Or, try the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds program if you are new to the cloth idea! You won't regret making the switch. Someday, your child may even thank you for making a healthy, green choice! And for bein' stylin' in the summer with a cute cloth diaper!

*I apologize for the pictures, my little man was a particularly hard model to shoot in his swim diaper! I did not include any pictures from Waterbabies class, as I do not have press release forms for the other students.*

***I would like to THANK Jillian's Drawers for providing me with the swim diaper for this review. I tried their program at my own free will when I started cloth and the swim diaper was the only compensation I have ever received from them. These opinions are my own words. I loved the trial program and working with Jillian's Drawers. If you have any questions, contact me. If you want to learn more about my reviews and giveaways, see the PR/Disclosure tab on my blog.***


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