MMM #10 - Anxiety, Excitement, & Ideas!

Manic Mommy Monday!

Here we are again, Monday! I returned to work last Saturday (just for one day to fill in) at the fire center as a dispatcher. It was great, refreshing my memory on the key functions that I had forgotten over the winter, seeing old friends, having a "mommy break" while Bug was having a daddy day.

They asked about training. I said I'd be interested. So, here I am, signed up for a Support Dispatcher training, which is a really good-paying position, and will help me when I do go back to work someday when Bug's bigger. I'm really anxiety stricken about the training though! It's one full week and though it's only in a town 1/2 hour from home, and he will have family care (mom, hubby, MIL) I am still going crazy about 5 straight days without him! I've done 2 in a row (coming home @ night) but 5?! Yikes! Mostly I'm worried about my supply. I mean I DO get a lunch break, but I think it's either 1/2 hr or an hour and it's at a Community College, so finding a room to go pump will be a challenge. I really want to go stake it out a week early! HA! We will have been breastfeeding for 15 months by the time June, when the class is rolls around, and I just want to see Bug through to 2 years if I can! I will see him every night and hopefully that will keep us going. I just really don't want to come this far only to have a week of training blow us out of the water. The training is only offered every 3 years and means a $6/hr pay increase when I go in for those "fill-in" days. I was actually having heart-pounding anxiety last night thinking about losing my milk! I know that it is a somewhat unrealistic fear, and that many women go through much worse, but I love my BFing relationship with my son, and I don't want to put it in too much jeopardy!

Now, the excitement! I have been getting my butt in gear and trying to get back into shape. I've been trying to be better about keeping the house clean and actually taking a naptime or two to do a few things I WANT to do! I have been painting again, enjoying a magazine or book, and watching a snippet here and there of Sex & The City or some other mindless program during naptime---BLISS!

I'm not losing any weight and I really need new running shoes to take off, but at least we're out there, puttin' on the miles! Today is my 2nd to last day of Water Aerobics. Last Friday, my boy fell asleep on my while we were instructing. Splashing waves and all. The time of day that the class meets is much of the poor fit for us. He's so cranky then! I'm really excited to think of the 'freedom' having only Wednesday Waterbabies will create for our summer planning! We are going to have a blast! We are also on day #7 of a cold. It started as 4 days of sore throat, then 2 days of snot, now we are in the cough/phlegm phase. I am always the mom that is for "staying home when you're sick" but today is our last day of Mommy and Me for the year and I really want to go! So, I'm thinking since I sound like crap but have had this for a week I'm likely not contagious. Let's hope not. We also got Bug a Tricycle. Now I know he's too young right now, but I couldn't resist!

And, ending with some ideas....

I will be working with some cool folks this summer! Stay tuned for that!

I will be uploading a bunch of my pictures (since my posts are so sadly pic-free. I work from my MAC for speedier surfing and writing, but my PC upstairs (slow) for picture storage, so I RARELY sinc up and get a picture with a post! I will be getting MY NEW COMPUTER soon!

I have some cool plans in store for mid-June. Big giveaways with a fun twist.

I will hopefully be able to post that I am losing weight and getting healthy again, post-baby! (REALLLLLY post baby!)

So, there ya have it. The weekly round-up of what's going on in our crazy little household!



  1. I think that's awesome that you are going to get a $6 Pay Increase for going through that training.. Also, I hope you reach your goals.

  2. Hi there mama! I wanted to share an idea with you for what I did when I was at a several day training on a university campus this winter and was totally stressing with crazy anxiety about pumping and where to go, what to do, etc and refused to pump in a dirty bathroom. I bought a power adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car so I sat in the car with a nursing cover on pumping and put the milk in a little cooler. It was less than ideal but allowed me to keep up my milk supply. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like things are going well for you. I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to stay home with my baby! Not everyone who wants to can.