...On Running

I posted recently about my lofty goals of getting back in running shape--the kind of running shape where I truly enjoy running. I've only ever been there 3 times in my life: in high school, in 2007, and again in 2009. So, I'm due for a relapse of health-minded living.

So far in the way of updates:

I'm still looking for the perfect shoe, but in my browsing and research I have been described as a "heavy plodder." I don't know if that is SUPER motivating or enough to make me cry at the condition I've let my poor body get into! When such descriptive running jargon fits exactly how I feel as I embark upon training runs these days, it is just the reality check I need, sad as it is. It almost makes me think of an old, flea-bitten horse that is sway-backed and chubby! So, I need new shoes. I need them to carry me to my goals and not cause any further agony. I think my feet have smooshed out a bit since my pre-prego foot size was measured professionally. I'm scared that with each child I have they will just spread and grow and I will be shopping in an exclusive online section for the extremely big-footed gal!

Next, I realized that since my core is what my white ol' drumsticks dangle from, it should be stronger. I can feel my posture isn't quite right while I jog right now. I know why. I have not attempted a sit-up in over 18 months. Yikes! I'm a bit afraid that I will get stuck! I feel like ordering life-alert! So, add to the "to-do" list = Core Strengthening.

I need to re-hydrate better. Some days I get ready for bed and as I'm brushing my teeth I realize that's the only morsel of H2O I've had all day (well since the morning brushing). Not good. Muy mal. Must drink more water!!!

I still need to update my outfits. Not just my workout outfits, but my everyday stuff too. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror the other day, I have at least 3 features that I swore I would NEVER have as a mom. I will refrain from mentioning them here, I think I'm still in denial. My clothes are beginning to get tight. This needs to change. So, I'm allowing myself some cool new duds at my first 10 lbs gone. I might be picking out Christmas sweaters at this rate!

Lastly, my venue needs a change. To the left of our driveway is the route I've been walking/running for 3 years. To the right is a beautiful route with a biting dog. Unless I drive into town (logistic nightmare w/toddler) then I am forced to go the way I always have. I DID get a new Trampled by Turtles CD that I will be transferring to my MP3 player. Runnin' to bluegrass might help motivate! This week, my goals seem as far away as Pluto. But, at least I'm keeping at it. Trampled by Turtles is quite fitting for the moment... Someday soon I hope to be listening to Of a Revolution or maybe REO SPEEDwagon!! :)

Keep checking back, keep holding me accountable! I hope to post amazing things this summer in regard to my running rekindling!

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  1. I hate running, for whatever reason, I prefer other forms of exercise! More power to you:-)