(that's) "THE" BALM Review & Giveaway

Malena a talented and fabulous mama way over in Hawaii wanted to be part of the Mother's Day #Clothdiaperhop and generously offered a review and giveaway!! She sent me (that's) "THE" BALM products that included: MAD Diaper Rash Balm & Sunscreen, "Pucker!" Lip Balm, "THE" BALM Hand Sanitizer, Fresh out of the TUB Baby Shampoo and Wash, and The BALM Spritz!

What's (that's) "THE" BALM? It's an all-natural product line that is great for your skin and body and is so deliciously smelling! Tropical island vibes exuded from my package as I opened it! Getting a package from Hawaii, filled with yummy smelling natural products...THAT'S THE BOMB!

The lip balm is the only one that I actually have ever used with my son. I don't trust the oily "who-knows-what's-in-it" chapsticks that I use on myself on my son's lips. This one, being all natural was the perfect choice for the occasions when he gets dry lips. He loves it! He toddles up to me when I take it out and stands there waiting! It's adorable! It's also really fruity and moisture-rich on your kisser. I carry it in my diaper bag so that I always have it on hand. It comes in a tin, but unlike other salves and balms, this one is actually easy to open and stays shut. I'm loving it! The Lip Balm gets a 5 from me for Quality of the ingredients, packaging, and the fact that I can use it on my son guilt-free.

Next, I tried the Hand Sanitizer. This was like a bottle full of oranges! It's also very yummy! I just sprayed some on my hands after being in the supermarket, and hoped that the "cart germs" would wave bub-bye after coming into contact with the sanitizer! It is much more appealing than the cleaner-smelling traditional sanitizer. It's hard to say if it "works" -- I don't have any scientific way of knowing, but I will use an all-natural product any day before one with potentially harmful ingredients. Plus, it smells wonderful and gets any topical ickiness off of my hands anyway! This scored a 4 for me, since I love the smell, it's not sticky, and again, it's all natural...but, since I have no way of proving it does it's job sanitizing, I can't give a full 5. Then again, I couldn't give ANY sanitizer a 5, because of that reason! But it's still pretty awesome and it smells divine!

We haven't had diaper rash in the time that we've had the (that's) "THE" BALM MAD Rash & Sunscreen, but I'm going to use it just as soon as we do! We've used other creams and balms with our cloth diapers, and some work, but I'm always looking for other options! I've heard that this miracle balm works for other things too--so I will be putting it to the test for all the random topically-treated ailments I have! We have used it as sunscreen though, we do like it for that purpose! Both Bug and I are fair, so we blast through sunscreen. All natural sunscreen is THE BOMB. Natural protectant from the searing sun? 5 out of 5 there!! Great quality and a really nice consistency--it doesn't leave me feeling oily and gross like some sunscreens and it didn't burn when I worked up a sweat.

Fresh Out of the TUB Baby Shampoo and Wash left my Bug clean and happy! We used the pump that Malena included to make some foam-tastic fun in the bath! The smell of this product reminded me more of Shea butter or coconut oil or something similar. A little bit earthy and very mild. Perfect for delicate baby skin! Normally we do not use "bubble bath" in our household, but the foam from this wash was completely agreeable with our sensitive skin. It didn't leave that waxy residue on my skin or my son's skin after the bath. I was really pleased with this Shampoo & Wash. I think my Little Bug was too! I'd recommend it to mamas (or daddies) with younger babies too! It seems super mild. I would have liked it in more of a tropical scent, but then it may not have been as benign, so I can't complain! And it does have a nice scent to it, just not as vibrant and obvious as the orange-citrus smells of some of the other products. Again, no complaints yet, so 5!!

(that's) "THE" BALM Spritz is pretty pleasing to the olfactory as well! In a really ironic moment today, I was squirting the spray in the living room and looked up to see my Oriole had come back from his southern journey in search of oranges that were not yet at my feeders. I think he sensed all the orange-y citrus goodness in our home the last few days and decided to come make his cameo! I couldn't be happier to share some fruit with him while smelling the tropics in my home all day! This is not creepy and toxic like some sprays, light and fresh but plenty delicious, the Spritz is a must-have for home and body freshening! I think my bottle will be gone by the end of the week! I'm REALLY enjoying the invigorating scent! Of course this product has to get a 5! It's wonderful!

If you think you'd like to have a bit of the island-life wherever you live, (that's) THE BALM is what you need! Drop THE BALM! Order it today from the (that's) "THE" BALM website and enjoy tropical goodness everyday! And remember to THANK Malena for being awesome! THE BALM ROCKS! It actually IS the BOMB! Remember to venture on over to the Mother's Day Giveaway to enter to win some of these great (that's) "THE" BALM products!!


  1. I have some of their orange room spritz, and you're right - it smells divine!

  2. I am dying to try this stuff! I have seen it on a bunch of different blogs! There are so many yummy scents!

  3. I would really like to try the shampoo and wash... we are trying to switch to product that are more natural for our baby and entire family!

  4. I really need to get some of the sunscreen. The shampoo sounds great also !

  5. Sounds like some great products to try! I hadn't heard of them before.

  6. I actually have some of her diaper balm and love it, but would love to try some of her other stuff :-)

  7. I am looking for a more natural baby shampoo and diaper rash cream once I start cloth diapering. Maybe I will check them out. Thank you for the review. God bless. Judith