15 Facts - Summer Blog Challenge

Okay, tonight is my first time posting for the challenge. I want to enjoy summer. I have a big event coming up in a few weeks (well days now I guess!) and after that, I'm going to focus on the few projects I have going and not take on any extra until fall!! But, this one is relaxed. I will not feel guilty if I miss a day or if I dislike a prompt---I will simply skip it. Maybe I'm on vacation for a few days---I won't be yearning for wifi while in the woods. :) I like this challenge already. It's an oxymoron! It's not a challenge, but an opportunity!

Summer Blog Challenge – Day 3 – 15 facts June 3, 2012

June 3 – 15 interesting facts about yourself.

These are randomly ordered.
  • I am 100% American born and raised but I have an absolute love of Canada too! (Please don't get all crazy and start calling me a traitor...I just really like Canada too. Cuz it's awesome.)
  • I have never had a cavity.
  • I was a wildland firefighter and a cheerleader. Weird combo.
  • I am a breastfeeding and cloth-diapering advocate and have never used formula, but HAVE been known to use a few disposables here and there. I'm honest enough to admit that sometimes I give in to grandpa or whomever and just use one.
  • I want to be a tree cop someday.
  • I am a gardener, a deer hunter, and an early literacy advocate.
  • I am a HUGE fan of Northern Exposure, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Hunger Games & Twilight.
  • I'm becoming more terrified of ridiculous things as I get older -- I used to travel abroad alone, sky dive, surf, fight fire......now, I'm scared to kill a spider half the time. Irrational fears.
  • I have a Great Pyrenese and love her to death. I have a secret yearning to run the Yukon Quest.
  • I have a weird interest in private schools, ritzy WASP type society, luncheons, etc.
  • I love to read. I believe I am becoming a "book hoarder" because I keep purchasing or being gifted books and I have a mile-long to-read list. I refuse to get a digital reader.
  • I have an aspiration of becoming really good at ballet, having never donned toe shoes ever before. Or tried ballet.
  • I love my little boy but really don't like being pregnant. I want him to have a sibling, but am dreading that pre-baby time. I love knowing I'm growing life & feeling the kicks and am thankful I CAN have babies, but I just am not one of those gals who adore being with child.
  • I would love to open up a coffee shop/thrift store/tackle/bike repair/cloth diaper/handmade goods store. Not many stores...just one with a lot of options.
  • I am a bad driver. I drive slow, generally irritatingly under the speed limit! But, I am just not an innately good driver.

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  1. I love Canada and reading too! :) I come from a family of deer hunters (and other type of hunting), but I can't do it.