15 Tips to Get Through Life

I love this one. I need reminding of this, so let's post it to make it tangible! Thanks to the Summer Blog Challenge, now I am!!

1. Pretend - even if you aren't happy every single day, sometimes you just have to fake it. It will make yourself feel a little better, and you won't bring others down. Sometimes, you have to fake it to make it.

2. Heroes - Give your kids REAL heroes to admire. For every Avengers character or Buzz Lightyear quote that is adored, throw in some Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Amelia Earhart, J.K. Rowling, Lance Armstrong, Clara Barton...whoever moves you and inspires you. Let them know that there are real people out there (please try and avoid anyone in a popular magazine...REAL HEROES AND ROLE MODELS). Kids are scrutinized more than ever before and these great influential characters in history are easily forgotten in the shadows of Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, or any other celeb-type figure that becomes a star and a hero to our children. Remind them daily of some awesome real people. Some day, they will thank you when they can carry a conversation on a higher level and are well-rounded. I love all of what I just criticized, but this generation is so glitz and glamor, I feel like they will miss out on a lot if it is not specifically presented to them between commercials.

3. Get Outside - Did you know doctors are prescribing nature now? I have lived this one, I know it to be true. Outside time and active lifestyles make you happier, healthier. Kids are glued to Xboxes or whatever the newest platform is for gaming. Even toddlers have apps. I find it really repulsive, but I also know that I may have to surrender to the Smartphone madness--someday, a flip-phone will no longer be an option at the phone provider store and I will have to use one. But not today. Kids need sun, air, open space, birds, dirt. Let them (and you!) outside to explore and take in the natural world. Enjoy it while it's here.

4. Exercise I need to work on this more. I am busy and all of the sudden, bam! The day is gone and I have done my regular household/yard movement, but have dedicated no time to exercise. I probably only DO exercise 3-4 times each week on purpose. But, I do know, it gets me through. I've been known to take off and go for a run when I'm fuming mad. It helps.

5. Take time I also need to work on this. Give the kids to dad or grandma--someone trusted and get out! Go have a glass of beer with friends. Go for a solo hike. Go swim. Go to a movie. Get a massage. Get your hair done. There are plenty of things on your Mommy-to-do-list, just pick one and go do it. You deserve it.

6. Talk I believe communication is the key to every relationship. Talk a lot. Leave nothing to assumption. It will save some hassle in the long run to take the extra minute to talk it all out... At work, at home, everywhere.

7. Silence As much as talking is important, nothingness is too. If you find a moment of silence (naptime around here, a rare but cherished time for miracles!) instead of doing the dishes, sit and enjoy. Cleanse your spirit. Renew your energy by just being. Silence sometimes truly is golden.

8. Read A great escape. If you can't afford to GO to China, jump into a book and read about it. It's NOT the same, but it is an escape. Read smut, read People, read whatever you like. It will not only help out your vocabulary, fire up the old synapses, and be an escape, it will open up some conversation starters! It can back up a good argument... Just do it. (Especially with/to your kiddos!)

9. Travel Travel for me gets me through the long winter days and used to make college/work livable. See everything. Find out what the world, your state, or even your backyard is all about. Explore.

10. Indulge & Moderate It is important to me anyway, to enjoy a few luxuries and decadent pleasures. I just need to know how to moderate. I am still working on this.

11. Donate Donating makes you feel good. It helps others. Pay it forward. Time, stuff...whatever you have extra of or feel like you could spare some of, donate. It will give you a natural high. I try to find time to donate--not as much as I should. I also like to have the least amount of garbage I can, so donating, upcycling, & sharing help me be green!

12. Learn Learn something new. Learn from mistakes. Help your kids learn. Help society learn.

13. Laugh Keep it silly, light. I sometimes even google ways to make my husband laugh if I am in a silly dry spell! It's fun to hear those you love laugh. It is also so good for your soul.

14. Splurge & Save Let yourself splurge sometimes. But, the most useful thing I've found and tried to stick with (but need more practice at) is saving. It really does relieve stress for me to SAVE. If I make a deposit, I can almost physically feel my BP go down. Haha! So, I guess saving is cathartic too.

15. Share the Love Happiness is seldom realized without sharing it with a loved one. Make sure to surround yourself with great people and animals. Share the love. I'm trying not to sound too much like a Subaru commercial, but hey, I love my Subaru and it is well put. I know I am so much more "full" at the end of the day, when I've had a great time with friends and family near.

There you have it. Some things I try to remind myself of each day--or when I think of it! It's kind of what I try to build my life around. Sometimes I fail miserably. But, I keep trying. If you made it through my list of babbles, congratulations. You win nothing, but I hope that it has sparked an interest or inspired you all in some way. :) Go make a list. It's kinda fun!


  1. Amanda I'm loving this post! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. WOW! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :]

  3. Love this! Thanks for the advice and reminder :)

  4. These are all great tips! It's really the little things!

  5. These are so true! I especially like your share the love tip!

  6. This is such a good reminder, especially now that it is summer! I find each tip helpful but the one I really need to remember is to TAKE TIME with the people you love! Create awesome new memories!

  7. these are all great tips! thank you for sharing

  8. All of these things I can and will do more often. I would like to add another; and that is SLEEP! I could definitely be doing more of that too ;)