CANADA DAY EXTRAVAGANZA - Sponsor Spotlight and Review - Eco Parent Magazine

Sam over at EcoParent Magazine sent me a copy and I'm HOOKED! He's part of the super-friendly eco-savvy family over at EcoParent! Lets take a closer look at this super green 'zine -- it's a fabulous, proudly Canadian sponsor for my Canada Day Extravaganza! One lucky reader will win a one-year subscription!

I received a copy of the debut "Outdoor Adventures" issue! It is a full-color, 64-page magazine that couldn't be more perfect for everything that Adventures of Mommyhood is about! I mean hiking, cloth diapers, wild edibles, and MORE! Go ahead and take a peek for yourself! I know you will be lining up to subscribe after you see what it's all about! I'm really adoring the book list. Everyone needs a great summer read!

Adventures of Mommyhood

You will also find some of our friends here at Adventures of Mommyhood in side the magazine! Monkey Doodlez, the Stinky Moose, and more! You can buy hard copies of EcoParent at select retailers, but so far only in Canada and at a few online stores. That means, those of you falling in love in the US and abroad can keep the green family fun coming by subscribing.

Now, another really cool fact about the hard-copy print version of EcoParent: it's printed on 100% recycled paper! The kind of paper to be exact is "Canadian-made Enviro100 Satin 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper" -- it's not even plain jane recycled paper, it's the best of the best in green terms! According to the magazine, and Sam told me he wrote this part, you can compare the average 100% recycled paper to the stuff they use from Cascade to print EcoParent in the following way (quoting directly from p.3 of the debut issue of EcoParent:

53,007 liters of water
963 Kg waste
3,217 Kg of CO2 (which happens to be the average emissions of one car for one year)
12 Kg NO2 (37 days of a large trucks' emissions)
22 GJ (101,259 60-Watt lightbulbs on for one hour)

Pretty gnarly, right? That is a comparison of TWO TYPES OF RECYCLED material! Can you even imagine what types of savings over conventional print media is saved? Pretty astounding. This small article was perhaps the most profound and remarkable part of the entire issue for me, because outside of great information on various topics, this spoke to me about the committment of the company. I dig it.You will notice right away the difference in texture when you hold the issue. I asked Sam about this aspect of their publication and he was really passionate about their mission.

EcoParent--they are the real deal. Not just talking the talk, but also greening up the print-process by not only offering and promoting digital subscription, but printing in a greener way. A greener than green way. For a company to actually take steps to be cognizant of what "100% recycled" actually means, rather than take it at face value speaks volumes to me. I think that I myself would even be delighted at "100% recycled" and may not look into things further--talk about going the extra green mile! Way to walk the walk EcoParent!  Sam told me they are adamant about keeping the magazine green -- as in, not advertising for a toxic product -- super commendable!


Article about cloth-diapering anyone? Baby-wearing? Even birth plans?!? They've got it covered.


Hiking as a family and with the littles? Yep, they have an article for that too!


Oh yes, the name says it all. This is a go-to source of real good words for green mamas.
I read this magazine cover to recycled-paper cover. In one sitting. It was super!! I am so excited to read my next issue online! EcoParent reallly seems like a magazine tailored specifically for ME! All of the green advice, the family-minded activities, and of course, all of the adventure--right up my alley! I know my readers will love this magazine too! From the website, you can explore a cookbook, shopping guide, contests, find retailers that sell hard copies, and much more. Thank you for a fantastic read, EcoParent. Though I have subscriptions to Parenting and Outside Magazine that sometimes go unread in my busy mama life, I think this one will be read cover to cover every issue!

The magazine is not overwhelmed with ads for perfumes, cars, and random shoes on every other page. Instead, there were only a few pages of sponsor ads, and those were all relative to the subject matter of families/babies/green products. EcoParent also features REAL photographs--not just modeled professional shots. I adore seeing real kiddos, from actual family vacations grace the pages. Kudos for that too! Be on the look out for recipes, crafts, and games, too! I'm not exaggerating, this one magazine covers all that I look for, condensed into a realisticly readable publication--I can enjoy it over a naptime or two!
 EcoParent is offering a one-year subscription as part of the Canada Day Extravaganza to one reader!!! Go find them on Facebook, like 'em, and tell them Adventures of Mommyhood sent you! You can enter by clicking here to go to the rafflecopter form. Good luck!


  1. I think it's awesome that you can preview past articles online before you buy. That way you know if it's something you are interested in.

  2. This magazine seems right up my alley! I like their Ask the Expert section with a midwife.

  3. I think it's great how fully committed to being green they are! On the website is a handy green shopping guide with hyperlinks to the webstores, very handy!

  4. The paper thing is awesome, its nice that they are striving to be as green as possible. I also think this would be a great read but the fact that you can preview it online before you buy it is nice that way if one issue doesn't interest you your not wasting money but by the sounds of it I would most likely read everyone. :)

  5. Awesome! It's hard to find a magazine that is committed to their cause. This mag seems like one I could definitely get into! :)

  6. I like that the magazine is made from recycled paper. It looks like there is a lot of great articles to read. I like the getting outdoors with the kids and cloth diapering, which is a interest for green parenting for the older kiddo and for the baby.

  7. How neat is it that the magazine is made from recycled paper!! I love that! I hate getting subscriptions because of how wasteful it normally is.

  8. this sounds like a fabulous magazine!! i love that it's recycled, and it has some great articles! love it!

  9. That's quite an accomplishment - publishing on 100% recycled paper!

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