CANADA DAY EXTRAVAGANZA - Sponsor Spotlight & Review - Druide

Druide is a great brand that is proudly Canadian and specializes in dozens of bath and body products for the whole family! I was lucky enough to try a few products that they offer--deodorants, a citronella kit for keeping those bugs away, and some goats milk lotion. I'm pretty much enjoying the benefits of all of them--well my husband probably enjoys the benefits of the deodorant too!

One thing folks should know is that when Druide says 'organic' they mean business! Each stamp of approval has to meet at least the criteria below!

The CERTIFIED ORGANIC mention on all DRUIDE hygiene and body products guarantees:
  • That at a minimum 95% of ingredients are of natural origin
  • At least 95% of vegetable ingredients (plant extract, fruit, vegetable butter and / or essential oil) come from Organic Agriculture
  • At least 10% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture (excluding water content, which is a natural resource that can not be certified).
I have really dry elbows and ankles, so I'm always slathering in lotion, but I really don't like the Bath & Body Works kinds that smell GREAT but do NOTHING for your skin! I need REAL moisture for my scales! So, they sent me some of their Goatmilk and Sandalwood Lotion -- it's got a plain bottle, featuring a Mountain Goat and that's about it. It's got a light Sandalwood fragrance, but nothing like the perfumed stuff at other stores. It was really pleasant. The lotion itself was creamy, not oily or runny---big points there! I love a creamy moisturizer--they actually work! In just 3 days, I was noticing a difference in my scaley elbows and ankles and my skin elsewhere (arms, legs, non-problem areas) was extremely well-conditioned! This stuff is really great! Plus, it's made from Goat's Milk! It's considered "light" by the folks at Druide, so much so that they say it can be used as aftershave! It does have a very nice smell to it that is definitely unisex, even good for the kiddos! I'd give this lotion a 5 and plan to order more after my bottle is gone!

Insect Repellent
PhotobucketHere I have a few bottles of different products meant to ward off insects--a spray, a shampoo, a bar soap and a lotion. They all have delightful citrus undertones but are not too smelly to be able to enjoy wearing the products. I use the Citronella Shampoo, but I do wish there was a cream conditioner formulated and included in the kit, since I use a ton of conditioner in my long hair, and I felt that the shampoo would be more effective if I didn't have "Pomegranate Mango scented" name brand conditioner on top of it! My husband used it (and doesn't condition after) and said that he could still smell the citronella throughout the day and assumed it was from the shampoo and that it may have cut down on the no-see-ums that bother him in the woods under his hardhat. I DID notice a big difference in the bugs bugging me (or lack of) when I used the lotion and spray. All small flies stayed away and only a few mosquitos buzzed me--but remember, I live in one of the buggiest parts of the country, so that's pretty impressive! And, Druide is made from 100% natural ingredients--Free from DEET and other dangerous chemicals. What is really great about this stuff, compared to OFF or other brands of insect repellent is that it is actually GOOD for your skin!
PhotobucketDeodorants are also part of Druide's specialty--they sent me Green Forest and Zesty Citrus scents. There is also an unscented option. I love all-natural deodorants because of the aluminum-free status they offer! NOTE -- these are NOT antiperspirants, they are only deodorizers--you will still sweat. But, your body is made to sweat!! So, if you're okay with that (which those who elect to use natural deodorant options usually are)then you won't be disappointed. The Green Forest smells just like crushed up pine needles--not like pine tree air freshener (like those made for cars) which is what I have come to expect, based on other brands--so I was REALLY impressed by the great smell. And, I was impressed by MY great smell at the end of the day! Still more like an enchanted forest than eau de skunk!

The list of great Druide products is nearly never-ending! They offer lip balms, massage products, aftershave, a line for babies and children, hair products, gift packs, facial care, foaming bath, travel kits and more! (In addition to those items I tried!!) I really am glad I found this brand--it is high quality at an affordable price, and ALL ORDERS to the US and CANADA ship for FREE after $60! Plus, the shipping rates are really low to begin with! So, go check 'em out, you can buy anything I listed at their website! Say hi on Facebook, say thanks for the sponsorship of a great giveaway, and, let them know you're comin' from Adventures of Mommyhood! Click here to get back to the great Canada Day Extravaganza to enter to win some of these awesome Druide products!


  1. I'd like to try their Minerose bath salts. Rose and vanilla sound divine, and I need some relaxation!

  2. I would love to try their vanilla and shea butter lip balm

  3. I would like to try the green forest deodorant. I like the idea of smelling like an enchanted forest.

  4. I would love to try their SHEA BUTTER RAW LOTION, it doesn't really tell you what it smells like but I bet it smells great!

  5. I would love their Anti-Stress Foaming Bath!

  6. Oooh, we go camping all the time, and I cannot STAND the smell (and awful chemicals!) of conventional bug spray. I would love to try this.

  7. the energizing feng shui shower gel sounds amazing- orange, sage and lemon myrtle sound like a fabulous combo!!

  8. I'd love to try the lip balms and green deodorant.

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